How Far Should A Rug Be From A Fireplace?


When considering where to place a rug in front of a fireplace, it’s important that practicality be considered over design trends. Fireplace specialists have specific recommendations regarding where to place a rug to make sure that you, and your guests, are safe. These are the guidelines you need to follow when deciding where to place your new decorative rug.

Place Fireplace Hearth Rugs Closer To Your Fireplace

Hearth rugs are typically made from a material that is less likely to catch fire. Because they do not pose as much of a fire hazard as other rugs, such as wool rugs, you can feel safe placing them closer to your fireplace. Experts recommend putting them 12-18 inches in front of a fireplace. Use a gorgeous hearth rug to create a cozy appearance by simply laying it on the floor in front of your fireplace.

It’s critical to make sure that hearth rugs are flame resistant before placing them close to the fireplace. Read product descriptions carefully, and contact the manufacturer if you are unsure. Some companies advertise rugs as being hearth rugs even though they are not flame resistant.

Use A Fireplace Hearth Rug Under Your Accent Pieces By The Fireplace

Hearth rugs are an exceptional idea as decor pieces near a fireplace. For example, if you have a corner fireplace with an accent chair next to your fireplace, consider browsing through hearth rugs & fireplace rugs to find the perfect choice. Placing hearth rugs underneath essential fireplace accessories provides a modern yet practical look. Use a hearth rug if you have to place a rug closer than four feet away from your fireplace, such as underneath dining spaces that are close to the fireplace.

Put Non-Flammable Rugs At Least Four Feet Away

Most rugs that are not designed to be hearth rugs are highly flammable. For example, wool rugs are very popular. However, because these are so flammable it is not safe to place them close to a fireplace. Embers from your corner fireplace would easily catch your new rug on fire!

There are plenty of design ideas that will let you enjoy your new rug while still practicing practicality over design. Hang a rug with an oriental design on the wall on the opposite side of the room of the fireplace. Place rugs underneath of large furniture that is away from the fireplace. Use small rugs to create the illusion of space. These design tips can help you safely decorate with rugs in a room that has a fireplace.

Provide Plenty Of Open Floor Space To Walk On

Rugs that are too close to a fireplace can result in people accidentally falling and getting hurt. This is particularly true if you have an elderly family member with a walker. If you’re concerned about your rug being a fall hazard, it’s important to place your rug away from your fireplace to ensure that there is ample room for people to walk without walking on the rug.

Placing the rug underneath large furniture and out of the walkway is a great idea. Another great design tip is to stick with smaller rugs because these are often easy to navigate around.

To make sure that everyone in your family is safe, walk through the room with the fireplace, and try to avoid stepping on the rug. If you can do this easily, it means that you have plenty of open floor space. If you cannot, it means that you need to move your rug.

Avoid Hanging Rugs On Walls Near A Fireplace

Hanging rugs on walls is a great way to showcase the exquisite designs, but it’s important that they are not too close to your fireplace. Embers from the fire can float into the air, resulting in the rug catching on fire. Make sure that rugs are at least four feet away from your fireplace, including when they are hanging on a perpendicular wall.

When using rugs near a fireplace, it’s always important to remember fireplace safety. Make sure that the fireplace is not left on when you are not in the room. Use a screen in front of your fireplace to reduce the number of hot embers that float into the room. Last, make sure that rugs made from flammable materials are placed a safe distance away from your fireplace.

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