Which Rugs are Easy to Clean? Avoid Spend Too Much on Maintenance



When spending money on a rug, it’s important to consider whether the rug is easy to clean. The material that the rug is made from can tell you how much maintenance your rug will require. Polypropylene rugs are the easiest to keep clean because they rarely need to be cleaned. Cotton rugs are the easiest to clean if they get dirty, though. Rugs made from nylon, seagrass, and jute are also going to be easy to clean.

Toss Cotton Rugs in the Washer

Cotton rugs are ideal if you are searching for low maintenance rugs. They are made of durable rug material that can withstand a little bit of wear and tear.

The main benefit that everyone enjoys is that a cotton rug is machine washable. As soon as it gets dirty or your child tracks mud across the rug, simply toss it into the washer. However, avoid putting cotton rugs in the dryer. Instead, let them air dry.

Homeowners that opt for gorgeous cotton rugs will instantly save money because they do not have to pay a professional cleaning service to clean their rugs.

The one downside of cotton is that this material is not as durable as other materials. Having a machine-washable cotton rug sounds wonderful until you realize that you have to replace it more frequently than you do the rest of the rugs in the house. Often, you’ll find that you spend the same amount of money in the long run that you would if you had bought a beautiful hand-knotted rug.

Blot Away Stains on Nylon Rugs

Rugs made of this synthetic material are low maintenance. This is because nylon polymer, the fibers that nylon is comprised of, is naturally durable. This fiber does not absorb dirt as easily, and using a vacuum cleaner will keep it neat all year round

However, even if you have a “weekly vacuuming cleaning rug schedule”, this won’t prevent or remove stains. Because of that, you may consider getting a rug that has additional stain protection.

If your nylon rug gets a stain, simply blot it with warm water. Make sure that you remove stains as soon as they happen because older stains will require professional assistance.

Wool Rugs are Usually Stain Resistant

The natural fibers of wool rugs are coil shaped, making them some of the most durable rugs on the market. They can withstand heavy foot traffic exceptionally well without appearing dirty.

Wool rugs need to be vacuumed once per week. Too much vacuuming, however, will result in the rug shedding more. It will leave a mess of loose fibers, making it critical to only vacuum once or twice weekly.

It’s important to note that some wool rugs have an additional coating that makes them stain resistant while other rugs do not.

Wool rugs are not machine washable rugs. Instead, you’ll need to use a combination of dish soap and water. Other solutions, such as a baking soda solution, can cause significant wear on wool rugs.

A downside of wool rugs is that they absorb water. Not only does this mean that they stain easier, but it also means that they are prone to mildew. Make sure that they air dry thoroughly after they get wet.

Blot Stains on Seagrass Rugs

This is not a usual material for rugs, but there are enough seagrass rugs in circulation that you should make a mental note of their existence. Seagrass rugs are made from a natural material that has a beautiful look. Seagrass is woven together to make these rugs just like the process to make seagrass baskets.

Rugs made from seagrass work exceptionally well in rooms that have a boho or nature vibe to them. They coordinate with outdoor living spaces perfectly.

The main downside to owning a seagrass rug is that they are not supposed to get wet. To clean stains on seagrass rugs, it is important to use the least amount of water possible to blot out the stain.

They do make seagrass rugs that are sold with an additional stain protectant. These are exceptional rugs that can eliminate the hassle of dealing with stains. You’ll never be concerned about accidentally getting it too wet when trying to scrub a stain!

Polypropylene Rugs are Durable and Easy to Clean

Polypropylene is both a durable and easy to clean material. This makes it the perfect robust material for rugs.

Because this material is water resistant, it’s the go-to material for people that need an entryway or outdoor rug. Being water resistant means that polypropylene rugs are also stain resistant. They do not absorb spills and dirt the same way that other materials do.

Maintaining this synthetic rug material is easy for anyone to do. It does not need to be cleaned often. You need to vacuum it or sweep it once per week or as needed. Rugs made of this quality material will remain in good shape because this is one of the sturdiest materials.

Clean Jute Rugs with Water and Baking Soda

Jute rugs are made of natural fibers and are considered durable just like wool rugs are.

Cleaning up stains on jute rugs is a breeze. Use a water and baking soda solution to remove stains. Then, put a fan on the rug to make sure that it dries thoroughly.

Jute rugs are prone to growing mold if they are not kept completely dry, making it critical to keep them out of the entryway. Instead, use them in areas of the home that do not have a lot of traffic or messes.

In Conclusion

Rugs that absorb water, such as wool rugs, are often more prone to stains than other rugs. Cotton rugs and are very easy to clean. The easiest rugs to keep clean are ones that are made of polypropylene.