Where To Put Kitchen Rugs? Tips to the Perfect Environment

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Kitchen rugs have the power to make your kitchen look relaxed and increase functionality, or they can make your kitchen look crowded and chaotic. Learning about rug placement in a kitchen is key to making sure that your kitchen is a space that everyone enjoys. Follow these tips to create the perfect environment.

Use Runners In Walkways In Narrow Kitchens

When deciding where to put kitchen rugs, it’s important to keep the size and shape of your kitchen in mind. If you have a narrow kitchen, place long runners in walkways. This decorating tip will help make your kitchen appear wider and more spacious.

For an L-shaped kitchen, only place runners in high traffic areas. If you place runners along the entire walkway, you run the risk of your kitchen looking over-decorated. Placing them in areas that are not high traffic areas also makes them less functional. Rugs are pretty, but they have a functional purpose too!

In Front Of The Sink

It’s common to place a small rug in front of the sink. When choosing a rug, make sure that it is cushioned to provide relief for your feet as you stand in front of the sink. These rugs can also catch drips of water instead of them landing on the floor. Opt for a small rug that is the same width as your kitchen sink.

Place Rugs Where You Spend The Most Time For Increased Functionality

Place cushioned rugs where you stand the most in your kitchen, or spend the most time. This may be in front of the stove or kitchen island. If your family spends a great deal of time seated in the kitchen, consider placing rugs under the seating area to catch drips and crumbs. It’s much easier to vacuum a rug than it is to sweep the entire kitchen.

Put A Large Area Rug Under The Dining Table

The dining area in a kitchen will see most of the kitchen accidents, especially if you have children. Opt for a dark colored area rug that will not show dirt and stains easily. Then, place it under your dining table and chairs. The rug should be large enough that you can scoot the chair away from the table without it touching the bare floor.

Avoid Placing Rugs Under The Kitchen Island

When placing rugs in your kitchen, make sure that they are in areas that make them easy to clean. That means you should not put one under your kitchen island. If you do, it’s going to be a hassle to move the kitchen island to clean the rug.

Grab A Welcome Mat For The Back Door

You should have a welcome mat by your back door just as you do for your front door. This rug should be a functional rug that people can wipe their feet on when they come inside. As a general rule of thumb, the welcome mat does not have to match the rest of the rugs in the room or other parts of the kitchen, such as the kitchen cabinets. Instead, it should simply complement other color schemes that are used in the room.

Use Rugs In High Traffic Areas

Increase the functionality of your rugs by putting them in high traffic areas. Place kitchen runners in the main walkway of the kitchen. Plop small rugs by the kitchen sink and in front of the fridge. Wherever people tend to walk or stand more in the kitchen should have a rug. This can help protect your floor, and it will mean that there is less dirt on the floor for you to clean up.

Do Not Put Rugs Under Furniture Other Than The Dining Table

It’s a classic idea to put rugs underneath furniture, but this is not a classic kitchen design idea. The only furniture you should put a kitchen rug underneath is your dining table. Leave the floor bare under other pieces of furniture, such as a baker’s rack. Instead, use rugs where they will be functional when deciding how to place rugs in a kitchen.

Use Rugs To Catch Spills

Rugs can instantly make your kitchen easier to clean if you use them to catch spills. Make sure that rugs are dark colored so that they will not show stains easily, or opt for a material that does not stain easily. Then, simply place them where most people in your home spill things. This may be beside the kitchen island, under the barstools by the kitchen island, or simply in front of the counter.

When deciding where to place rugs in a kitchen, it’s important to note that kitchen rugs are supposed to be functional. They should coordinate well with your kitchen decor, not overwhelm the space, and should help you keep your kitchen clean. Browse through our extensive collection of rugs to find the perfect kitchen rugs for your home today!