What Color Rug Goes With A Brown Couch? Best Way to Match Colors

A rug has the power to bring a room together. It can create an atmosphere that you want to relax in. The perfect rug will make guests feel warm and welcome. Likewise, accidentally putting a rug that doesn’t go well with brown in front of a brown sofa can make the room feel chaotic and uninviting. If you are wondering what color rug goes with a brown couch, these rug ideas will help you find the perfect rug for your living space.

Warm Tones Go With Brown Couches

Brown is considered a warm shade, so it coordinates well with other warm shades. Reds, oranges, shades of brown, beige, and yellow are considered warm colors because they tend to make people feel warm feelings, such as happiness.

Place a rug with rich colors of red and orange in front of a brown sofa to make people feel welcomed in your living room. A rug with a brown background and yellow flowers will add a cheerful appeal to the room. Selecting a rug in any of these colors is a great idea in a room with a brown sofa.

Pair Imperial Purple With Dark Brown

Purple is known as a cool color, but royal purple tends to pair exceptionally well with brown. Deep jewel colors invoke feelings of creativity and happiness in people, making them a nice choice for an area rug in front of a brown leather couch.

However, be careful when using dark colored rugs in front of brown couches in a dark brown shade. If there is too much darkness in a room it makes the room appear too small and invokes feelings of depression.

If your heart is set on a dark colored rug with a dark brown leather couch, there are several things you can do to make your living room more inviting. Open curtains or drapes to allow plenty of natural light, which will make the room appear larger. Use warm colors, such as tan or beige, as accent colors throughout the room. Select a rug that has a pattern that includes several colors instead of a plain purple rug. When painting, use a light wall color. Taking these extra steps will guarantee that you don’t accidentally create an unbearable living space when using this lovely color.

Light Brown Rugs Complement Brown Furniture

Rugs in a lighter brown color placed in front of a dark brown couch will help make the couch stand out. The soft, natural color of light brown will add warmth to the room, making everyone feel comfortable. Use a rug in a solid color or pick one that has light colors. If you can, avoid any rug that has a bold color in the pattern to make sure that the entire room flows well together.

Green Always Complements A Brown Color

Natural colors like green pair well with browns. Any shade of green will work. Rugs in shades of green, tan, and brown are a wonderful idea for a natural design style. These earthy tones will look nice next to natural fabrics, a medium shade of brown, or if your living space has natural decor, such as plants. Using shades of green and the neutral color cream as a secondary color palette will create a comfortable living room.

Cowhide Complements A Country Style

It’s always important to keep design style in mind when decorating. Maintaining a consistent design theme throughout the room will make the room feel comfortable. Homeowners with a country or rustic themed living room should pick up a cowhide rug with a combination of beige and a shade of brown. The brown tone will pair well with a brown leather sofa. If a natural cowhide rug isn’t an option for your home, consider a faux cowhide rug that has brown as the primary color.

Neutral Tones Coordinate With Any Color

Neutral tones of brown, tan, and white are a great choice if you simply cannot decide what color rug to buy. These colors will look exceptional in front of a brown leather sofa and will coordinate well with other design pieces in the room.

Plain Colored Rugs Are Good For A Minimalist Style

People with a minimalist living room should avoid vibrant colors. A bright-toned color rug will make the room appear busy and full of visual stimulation. This is the opposite effect that a minimalist decorating theme is supposed to have. The clash in design styles will make the room chaotic.

Use Vibrant Colors As Secondary Colors

Including a pop of color in a minimal living room is a popular idea. These bursts of vibrant colors increase the aesthetic appeal of the room and add more positive energy to the space. Make sure that the same vibrant colors used as secondary colors in the room are included in the pattern of your rug. This will tie the entire room together.

A Bright-Toned Color Rug Will Add A Pop Of Color

Instead of using bright colors as secondary colors, add a burst of personality to the room with a brightly colored rug. This rug should include shades of brown and other neutral colors in addition to the bright color of your choice to help bring all of the colors in the room together. The room will have a consistent flow of positive energy.

A Beige Color Is Always A Great Choice

Beige is a versatile color that coordinates well with most other colors and decorating styles. A plain beige rug will add classic appeal to an elegant living room. This color is a complementary color to brown. Beige rugs won’t draw attention away from other focal points in the room. This oriental color is a great choice if you are struggling to find the perfect color rug for your living room.

Bohemian Colors For Earthy Living Rooms

Boho rugs in brown color combinations are an exceptional choice for lighthearted boho living spaces. Select a natural jute rug to add more natural appeal to the living room. Avoid the color black as it doesn’t look as well with the color of brown. Instead, find bohemian styled rugs with the color beige or a brown color palette.

White Rugs

This classy color is a clean color that is the perfect color match for brown. A stark white rug will complement any style or color of furniture. White is an exceptional choice if there is a loud color scheme in the room or you have a couch in a dark color. The contrast of this light color next to dark colors will instantly enhance the visual appeal of the room. Because white coordinates well with any other color, it’s another exceptional choice for homeowners that are having a difficult time finding a rug that perfectly matches the other colors of the room.

Turquoise And Brown Rugs

Years ago, turquoise and brown was the hottest decorating trend. Turquoise was the most popular color among homeowners. This stunning color combination never officially went out of style and is now used to create a modern color splash. Turquoise is often paired with traditional furniture colors like brown to create bolder color splashes. Rugs in turquoise and brown are a great way to bring more of this color combination into your living room. You can find these gorgeous rug colors combined with other favorite colors or by themselves.

Match Other Colors In The Room

Instead of looking at all of your options, consider the color options that are already present in the living room. What color walls are in the room? Look at the couch color. The color of the rugs in the room can be the same color as other things in the living room.

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