Wall to Wall Carpet

Wall to Wall Carpet

There are Many Attractive Choices in Custom Designed Wall to Wall Carpet

When you need to carpet large areas, as filling rooms with hospitality carpet or attractive, sturdy and functional wall to wall carpets, you can’t do better than choosing custom-made broadloom carpets like those found through Vaheed Taheri. The first thing you’ll want to do is to decide between contemporary design, classic design, or modern design. You’ll also have many beautiful choices in colors, materials, and patterns that will fit in seamlessly with any decor scheme.

Benefits of Custom Designed Rugs

Custom-designed broadloom carpet, wall-to-wall carpet, or hospitality carpet gives you a desirable uniform look to your rooms, which is especially crucial in business settings. A uniquely designed contract carpet has the extra benefit of a totally personalized touch given to your carpeting, eliminating the possibility of a one-size-fits-all feel to your room. Each room will seem like it was specially designed with your unique needs and purposes in mind. Benefits of custom-designed rugs include:

Original Design Process – You’ll receive a personalized and unique design process through custom carpet creators like Vaheed Taheri, setting these rugs apart from all others

Color Choices – You’ll have a wealth of color choices ranging from soothing blues like Pacific, Slate, or Waterfall, or even nature-inspired color choices like natural, earth tones, sand, granite, stone, and umber.

Material Choices – Material choices are made from wool, linen, or jute, or from trendier materials like aloe or exotic silk

The idea is always to choose your contract carpet or other wall-to-wall carpets to come as close as possible to the vision you have for your rooms. Every room has a personality that can be expressed with smart choices from a well-made broadloom carpet.

Choose Wisely and You Will Love the Look for Years to Come

When you’ve made a smart, functional choice in hospitality carpet or contract carpet, you’ll be satisfied that you’ve gotten the most original and unique carpet you can for your rooms. Quality in custom rugs is always found when you choose designers who have total control over the rug-making process. Carpets from Vaheed Taheri are custom created to last and to give you that special feeling that you’ve created the most beautiful room possible.