Vaheed Taheri

Himalayan Tibetan Wool Rugs add True Panache and Style

The large floor rugs San Francisco desires most to create a welcoming ambiance in any home or business are provided by expert custom rug designers from Vaheed Taheri. The choice of authentic Himalayan Tibetan wool rugs is one of the most popular choices for good reason. These rugs feature attractive nuances like true durability and exceptional style that are most often wished for in decorative rugs.

Many Styles and Color Options to Choose From

When you select genuine Himalayan Tibetan wool rugs, you’ll have choices from hundreds of attractive patterns and colors. Color choices range from earthy options like greens, tans and browns, colors reminiscent of the sky in shades of blue or yellow, or even sunset inspired colors like pink, orange or red. Other important considerations when choosing the best large floor rugs include:

Size Selection – Sizes range from standardized sizes including 6′ x 9′ and 5′ x 7′ or larger and more specialized sizes like 10′ x 14′ or even 12′ x 18′. Getting the right sized rug is crucial to your ultimate enjoyment of your new rug

Material Choices – Whether you choose standard materials like authentic Himalayan wool or specialized choices like Chinese silk, the expert rug artisans from Vaheed Taheri want you to be happy with your choice

Weaving Techniques – Choices can be made from authentic Tibetan knotting techniques which are a very durable choice, to designer specialties like hand-knotting techniques and hand created looping effects for stylish design interest

Floor Rugs Crafted by Experts

In the process of choosing the large floor rugs San Francisco loves to have in their homes and businesses, you always want to select rugs created by experts for the best results. Expert rug artisans from Vaheed Taheri possess qualities like prestigious degrees in textile design, interior design and architectural studies. They also have decades of experience in creating exceptionally durable and creative rugs.

The most unique and creative large floor rugs San Francisco chooses to make their homes and businesses into showcases of design come from those who are adept in fashioning genuine Himalayan Tibetan Wool Rugs. You’ll love the fact that your home or business features truly awe-inspiring design and style in your choices of designer rugs.