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At Vaheed Taheri, we carry the largest selection of fine contemporary Tibetan and reproduction modern design rugs, as well as wall-to-wall carpets in the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer our Vaheed Taheri Rug Collection of contemporary, classical, transitional hand-woven rugs and wall to wall (broadloom) carpets exclusively to Architects and Interior Designers. Every rug in the Vaheed Taheri Rug Collection is handmade from natural and renewable resources such as wool, silk, mohair, linen, aloe, jute, hemp, and cotton. By using these sustainable materials and methods, Vaheed Taheri’s rugs truly are a luxurious fusion of artistry, quality and practicality. We also support sustainable growth in rug-crafting communities around the world, a portion of our proceeds go to improving local living conditions and educational programs. By providing support to these communities, it ensures the preservation of this ancient art form for generations to come.

Handmade wool Silk Rug
Vaheed Taheri Rug Collection

The pursuit of perfection fuels our passion for Rug Design, please visit our stunning showroom in the San Francisco Design Center Galleria, Suite 101 and our knowledgeable and accommodating staff will assist you in selecting the perfect rug from Vaheed Taheri Rug Collection for your next project. Our timeless designs paired with our innate instinct for design can transform any environment or living space into a calculated work of art.

Vaheed Taheri is proud to be licensed by GoodWeave USA, a global non-profit organization working to end child labor.

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