Vaheed Taheri Made to Order Modern Rug Collection

Vaheed Taheri Made to Order Modern Rug Collection


When designing a Vaheed Taheri Rug Collection you’ll have the best quality modern rugs and limitless options in terms of design, color, texture, size, and content (Handmade wool rug – Handmade wool and silk rug – Handmade Tibetan wool rug – Handmade silk rug), or you can create your own design. By removing any design barriers, Vaheed Taheri makes it easy to fulfill your needs for any shape, size, color, or location of the area rug. (Modern Rugs – Classic Rugs)

Vaheed Taheri Rug Collection
Modern Rugs San Francisco


Coloring a Vaheed Taheri Rug has never been easier. Vaheed Taheri Rug Collection has numerous tools and palettes available, always allowing your designs to seamlessly work with your color schemes. Vaheed Taheri Modern Rugs offers 300 different palettes and color options. (Custom Design Modern Rugs San Francisco).

Vaheed Taheri Rug Collection San Francisco
Modern Rugs San Francisco


In presenting your Vaheed Taheri Modern Rugs, you will have a full range of textures and colors to experiment with to discover the perfect solution. We encourage you to experiment with various textures, color palettes, and qualities to discover a floor’s full design potential. Hand and computerize renderings in a day or two as well as strike-offs (Vaheed Taheri Rug Samples are also available upon request).

Modern Rugs San Francisco
Handmade Wool and silk rugs San Francisco


Enjoying your Vaheed Taheri Modern Rug Collection is the best part. We have restlessly worked to make the design process derma-free and as simple as possible, focusing on giving as much creative freedom back to the Modern Rug design process. We offer the most competitive lead times (12 weeks and in some cases our lead time is about 8 weeks) in the rug industry so you can begin enjoying your creation as soon as possible.

Handmade wool Silk Rug San Francisco by Vaheed Taheri
Vaheed Taheri Rug CollectionModern Rugs San Francisco – Custom Modern Rugs San Francisco
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