Traditional Rugs San Francisco

The Traditional Rugs San Francisco Loves Feature Originality and Design Flair

The traditionally designed rugs and carpets San Francisco love to showcase in homes and businesses display the most original design flair when they come from Vaheed Taheri. Handmade and handwoven rugs from luxury materials like pure Tibetan wool, flowing silk, soft linen, jute, or aloe attractively accent all the other design features of a room. Rugs can also be customized according to size, design patterns, shape, thickness, and content.

Traditional Rugs Give Rooms a Classical Feel

The traditional rugs San Francisco finds most attractive truly accentuate the classical elements in any room. Highlighting special architectural features and nuances of a room is easier when traditional rugs are chosen as the main rug, or when they’re used as one of the area rugs San Francisco home and business owners like to place in rooms to provide a dash of flair. Expressing originality in room design is easy with attractive hand-crafted rugs from Vaheed Taheri.

Choices in Hand Crafted Rugs

The nice thing about having a rug expressly created for your room’s individual style is that you have real choices to make that can truly make your rug stand out. Choices you have to include:

Color – You can choose your own custom colors ranging from soothing blues and greens to warm beige shades, fiery reds, and oranges, to dark and mysterious shades of black and brown, and every color in between

Style – Choose from over 400 attractive and interesting design patterns and styles from geometric to stripes, spots, botanical and floral designs

Shapes – The rugs and carpets San Francisco loves can be rectangular, square, oval, circular, runner styled, or an unusual shape like octagonal

Every rug from Vaheed Taheri features a custom-created, artistic, and flair-filled design that is as individual as your taste. Rugs can feature a variety of specialized weave techniques to give them depth and to create bolder looks.

Rugs are Completed Relatively Quickly

Hand-crafted traditional rugs San Francisco loves and area rugs San Francisco homes and businesses enjoy displaying to express original design taste are ready in a relatively short time. Most rugs take 12 to 16 weeks to complete, from original conception to the final creation. You’ll be impressed with the authentic artistry.