Traditional Rugs San Francisco

Khotan rugs and carpets were produced in the oasis town of Eastern Turkestan and North of Afghanistan. This area has had a steady production of carpets since the 17th century, peaking in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Khotan rugs and carpets tend to be geometric drawings with color palettes of rich colors to soft pastels.

Local weavers would traditionally employ both horizontal and vertical looms and use wool, wool, and cotton blend, Natural dyes made from onion skins, madder roots, and walnut shells were all employed. Khotan’s, are often called Samarkand rugs, after the name of the Uzbek city on the Silk Road that served as a major commercial hub for the sale and export of textiles.

Get ready to cozy up to a classic. The Khotan Collection is the missing link that will transform your interior into an elegant home with timeless style. Hand-knotted of 100-percent wool, Khotan offers traditional, worldly designs that are harmoniously balanced, adding a sense of calm focus to any room. Vaheed Taheri’s Khtan collection is the new introduction of Modern rug’s approach to an old tradition. Vaheed Taheri’s  Khotan Collection is Hand Knotted 100% Hand Spun Vegetable Dyed Wool and are available in standard sizes ( 8’x10′ / 9’x12′ / 10’x14′ / 12’x15′ / 12′ x16′ / 12′ x 18′ / Runner & round ). For more option check the link below;

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