Tibetan Wool Rugs

Unique Tibetan Wool Rugs Add Elements of Design Flair to Any Decor

Many home and business owners choose to display authentic Tibetan wool rugs to beautifully accent their carefully designed rooms for good reasons. These rugs are unique, one-of-a-kind masterpieces created by skilled and talented artisans. No two rugs are ever exactly alike, which is a large part of their appeal. With so many artisan-designed options available, the handmade rugs Bay Area consumers choose most often come from Vaheed Taheri, true specialists in artistic and genuine hand-crafted rugs.

Unique Qualities of Genuine Tibetan Rugs

You can always spot authentic Tibetan wool rugs by several uniquely original and appealing factors. They’re most often created from real, durable, pure wool. They also have other stunning and notable features including:

Specialized Weaves – Artists like Vaheed Taheri make sure to use the specialized weave methods and looping processes that are definitive hallmarks of authentic Tibetan rugs that are crafted from fine wool

Unique and Original Patterns – Whether you choose interesting geometric or stunningly beautiful floral patterns, the handmade rugs Bay Area rug connoisseurs choose for their homes and businesses are always unique and exceptional works of art

Ultimate Durability – You’ll find that authentic Tibetan wool rugs are extremely durable, sturdy, and will withstand years of high-quality use, while still retaining their beauty. Rugs are created using various hand looping and hand-knotting techniques to change their appearance and to create variations in style

The choice of genuine Tibetan rugs to accent your home or office decor scheme is smart and thoughtful. Knowing that your rugs are being created just for you by true artisans like Vaheed Taheri is an outstanding bonus. You get the ultimate in durability and great looks, all in a uniquely designed rug.
A Smart Choice and Exceptional Value

Rugs crafted from pure wool and made with a sturdy weave tend to last for years, adding extra elements of beauty, value, and elegance to your decor. The best selection of handmade rugs Bay Area business and homeowners find come directly to you from true artisan specialists like those from Vaheed Taheri. You have a guarantee of complete satisfaction, stunningly beautiful rooms, and exceptional functionality when you choose handcrafted wool rugs featuring a unique Tibetan flair.