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Traditional Rugs San Francisco

First Class Traditional Rugs San Francisco Carrying on Artistic Traditions of Handmade Rugs Bay Area Homes Feature to Express True Style When the traditional rugs San Francisco loves to use to enhance home areas and business rooms are exactly the thing needed to express true style and originality, the best choice is to select handmade… Read More

Contract Carpet

Contract Carpet Unique Contract Carpet is Easier to Choose from an Exceptional Designer Truly individualized and custom-tailored expressions of style are possible by making a smart selection from your many contract carpet choices. So many businesses and shared areas like hotel lobbies can begin to look the same after a while with basic colors and… Read More

Traditional Rugs San Francisco

The Traditional Rugs San Francisco Loves Feature Originality and Design Flair The traditionally designed rugs and carpets San Francisco love to showcase in homes and businesses display the most original design flair when they come from Vaheed Taheri. Handmade and handwoven rugs from luxury materials like pure Tibetan wool, flowing silk, soft linen, jute, or… Read More

Shibori Rug

Shibori Rugs Create an Elegant and Fascinating Look in any Room For a unique look with a fascinating pop of true design flair, try featuring a Shibori rug as a centerpiece of your room. Shibori is an ancient Japanese dye technique that blends a tie-dyed look with soft edges. Soothing colors are chosen for Shibori… Read More

Luxury Hair on Hide Rugs San Francisco

Cowhides (Hair on Hide Rugs) are elegant and stylish accent pieces and they often contribute to a more inviting and casual atmosphere without compromising on elegance. A beautiful Hair on hide rug can be a very beautiful focal point in a room and also a very chic detail for the décor. Our Hair on hide… Read More