Vintage Rug Collection San Francisco

ANTIQUE RUGS San Francisco- Vintage Rug Collection

Stunning Vintage Rug Collection San Francisco The Best Features of These Bold Delightful Vintage Rug Collection Through Vaheed Taheri, you’ll find bold and unique rugs that are one-of-a-kind works of art. Some of the best features of the antique rugs San Francisco loves to include: – Geometric Patterns – Pattern choices that are individually created […]

Oriental Rug Dealers San Francisco

Oriental Rug Dealers San Francisco

Oriental Rug Dealers San Francisco Perfectly Accent and Complement Any Design Scheme with the Oriental Rugs San Francisco Loves Uniquely artistic and professionally designed rugs are the specialty of the oriental rug dealers San Francisco trusts, the pros from Vaheed Taheri. Experts strive to deliver exactly the style, color, weave, and sizes of oriental rugs […]

Finest Tibetan Wool Rugs

Finest Tibetan Wool Rugs - Tibetan Rugs

Authentic Quality and Style is Found in the Finest Tibetan Wool Rugs When you search for hand-crafted rugs that truly make a design statement of creativity and luxury, you won’t find better or more unique rug choices than the finest Tibetan wool rugs. Each rug is a virtual work of art, carefully crafted from the […]

SFO Rug Collection

SFO Rug Collection - Traditional Rugs San Francisco - BEST RUG COMPANY SF

Luxury SFO Rug collection Freedom of Design Choice in this San Francisco Rug Collection Creates Customized Looks for Rooms The key to creating a truly customized, personalized look in any room when it comes to choosing rugs from your new favorite San Francisco rug collection is the freedom and flexibility of choice in design styles, […]

Hospitality Carpet

Hospitality Carpet - Traditional Rugs San Francisco

Find the Perfect Hospitality Carpet Boldly and in a Beautiful Variety Through Vaheed Taheri Expert use of hospitality carpet within an interior can serve to change a space into virtually any type of space you can imagine. You’ll find patterns that soothe and calm as well as exiting patterns and bolder colors that serve to […]

Vaheed Taheri

Vaheed Taheri - Rugs and Carpets San Francisco

Himalayan Tibetan Wool Rugs add True Panache and Style The large floor rugs San Francisco desires most to create a welcoming ambiance in any home or business are provided by expert custom rug designers from Vaheed Taheri. The choice of authentic Himalayan Tibetan wool rugs is one of the most popular choices for good reason. […]

Elegant & Luxury Contemporary Wool Rugs San Francisco

Elegant & Luxury Contemporary Wool Rugs San Francisco - Modern Tabriz Rug - All Wool Rugs San Francisco

Vaheed Taheri Supplies the Elegant and Luxury Contemporary Wool Rugs San Francisco Desires Handcrafted designer wool rugs SF that are also pieces of art can be challenging to find, except in San Francisco, where they’re readily available through Vaheed Taheri. Elegance and luxury go hand in hand in choices of over 400 different wool rug […]