Wall to Wall Carpet

Wall to Wall Carpet - Rug San Francisco

Wall to Wall Carpet There are Many Attractive Choices in Custom Designed Wall to Wall Carpet When you need to carpet large areas, as filling rooms with hospitality carpet or attractive, sturdy and functional wall to wall carpets, you can’t do better than choosing custom-made broadloom carpets like those found through Vaheed Taheri. The first […]

Shibori Rug

Shibori Rug

Shibori Rugs Create an Elegant and Fascinating Look in any Room For a unique look with a fascinating pop of true design flair, try featuring a Shibori rug as a centerpiece of your room. Shibori is an ancient Japanese dye technique that blends a tie-dyed look with soft edges. Soothing colors are chosen for Shibori […]

Flat Weave Rugs San Francisco

Flat Weave Rugs San Francisco

Finding the Premium Quality Flat Weave Rugs San Francisco Home and Business Owners Love If you’ve ever searched for high-quality Oriental and Persian rugs, you know that the biggest attractions are the beautiful colors, luxurious components of the weave, and the design used. The flat weave rugs San Francisco loves best have all these attractive […]

Ancient Technique of Handmade Rugs San Francisco

San Francisco Rug Collection

Handmade Rugs San Francisco and their Value There is a true art that is centuries old to creating the handmade rugs San Francisco residents love having in their homes. Vaheed Taheri still practices these specific techniques so every client is sure to get authentic handmade rugs that showcase exemplary quality. There are several main areas […]

Area Rugs San Francisco that have symmetry in design

Area Rugs San Francisco - Hospitality Carpet San Francisco

View our wide selection of handmade area rugs in San Francisco. Area rugs that feature symmetry in design have some real benefits, not the least of which is that they’re pleasing to the eye. Symmetrical area rugs add extra elements of panache and style to any room and feature several different design pattern similarities that […]

View our Luxury Modern Rugs San Francisco

Contract Carpet San Francisco

Specialized in Traditional Rugs San Francisco. One thing that makes a room come to life in a dramatically beautiful way is a custom-designed Modern Rug San Francisco like those created and designed by Vaheed Taheri. These exceptional, exclusive, and rare rugs found in San Francisco are created by a designer with a unique view of […]

The Classic Handmade Rugs San Francisco

Handmade Rugs San Francisco - Tibetan Wool Rugs - Handmade Rugs Bay Area

Custom-designed handmade rugs complement any room design in creative and beautiful ways. Rugs handcrafted and designed by Vaheed Taheri in San Francisco express true style in a personalized way. Rug connoisseurs have choices of over 400 unique rug patterns available through Vaheed Taheri that range from modern to vintage, to abstract and Contemporary wool Rugs […]

Designer Rugs San Francisco

Designer Rugs San Francisco - Designer Rugs San Francisco - Professional Rug Artisans San Francisco

As far as designer rugs San Francisco are concerned, it’s important to remember that you have options. You do not have to settle for anything less than what you absolutely know you want. What this means is that when it comes to shopping for rugs for your home or office, you are in complete control […]

Contemporary Rugs San Francisco

Contemporary Rugs San Francisco - The Rug Company

Looking for contemporary rugs San Francisco? Vaheed Taheri can offer a dizzying array of contemporary rug examples that will make one thing very clear: When it comes to decorating contemporary homes, there is no question that a contemporary rug can make for a brilliant addition. Beyond Vaheed Taheri collections that are designed to appeal to […]

How are Tibetan Rugs San Francisco Made?

Tibetan Rugs San Francisco - Oriental Rugs San Francisco

How are Tibetan Rugs San Francisco Made? When you start searching for the right rug for your home, you’re going to come across a variety of different types and styles from Persian to Tibetan. If you’re looking for a style that is going to offer you the perfect amount of texture along with longevity, Tibetan […]