Shibori Rug

Shibori Rugs Create an Elegant and Fascinating Look in any Room

For a unique look with a fascinating pop of true design flair, try featuring a Shibori rug as a centerpiece of your room. Shibori is an ancient Japanese dye technique that blends a tie-dyed look with soft edges. Soothing colors are chosen for Shibori rugs, like navy blue, black, tan, and white. Japanese Shirbori techniques are done on pure, high-quality wool rugs. The rugs are dyed by hand to keep the hues dark and expressive.

Finding Authentic Shibori Rugs

When only a truly authentic Shibori rug is your choice, one place to shop for Shibori rugs is Vaheed Taheri in San Francisco. Each traditional rug is handwoven from 100 percent renewable resources, including the pure wool needed for Shibori rugs. True Shibori techniques date back to the 8th century when they were used for kimonos and other textile creations. Here are some ways to tell if a rug is authentically styled in a Shibori design:

Geometric Styled Repeated Patterns – A hallmark of the authentic Shibori rug San Francisco rug aficionados hope to find includes the use of geometric and repeated simple patterns. These can include diamond patterns, block patterns, floral-inspired patterns, honeycomb patterns, and many versions of stripes

Soothing Color Choices – Color choices you’ll find when you decide to shop for Shibori rugs include navy blue, rust color, orange shades, tan, black, grey, and sandy hues inspired by the beach

Only genuine Japanese Shirbori techniques create the interesting and mesmerizing patterns found within real Shibori rugs. The Shibori rug San Francisco shoppers find from Vaheed Taheri is carefully handcrafted to keep authentic rug crafting traditions alive. These rugs are stylish and dynamic, and they are rugs that any home or business will be proud to display.

Creating Feelings of Tranquility Within your Space

An authentic Shibori rug is renowned for creating an aura of soothing tranquility in any space it’s featured in. Since rugs are crumpled and twisted during the process of creating the type of Shibori rug San Francisco decorators choose most often, every rug is guaranteed to be a true original. No two rugs are ever exactly alike. This adds to the allure and mystique of the true Japanese Shirbori techniques used to fashion these unique rugs.