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Freedom of Design Choice in this San Francisco Rug Collection Creates Customized Looks for Rooms
The key to creating a truly customized, personalized look in any room when it comes to choosing rugs from your new favorite San Francisco rug collection is the freedom and flexibility of choice in design styles, materials, rug sizes and weave types. Professionals from Vaheed Taheri ensure that you always have freedom of choice and flexibility to create exactly the rug you’ve always wanted, while creating a truly stylish design statement. The pros have you covered when it comes to making your room stand apart from all others.

How the Details Matter

Details in the SFO rug collection you make your selection from are protected firstly by making sure that every creative process happens in-house. Rendering your design to its finalization, to every part of the actual rug creation process is done by experts who are well-versed in all the elements that create a stylish, unique rug. Details that matter include:

1) Color Choices – Whether you choose traditional colors, neutral hues, or eye-popping bright shades, the right color makes an incredible difference in how your room ultimately looks

2) Weave Choices – Choose between traditional weave styles or styles like Tibetan knots that help to create a fully customized rug accent piece

3) Choices of Unique Materials – Select from traditional materials like wool, cotton, aloe or linen, or trendy materials like jute, Chinese silk, Himalayan or Tibetan wool to customize your look from the San Francisco rug collection

When everything comes together perfectly, you have a rug that you love and one that fulfills every whim. You’ll always know you’ve made an outstanding choice with Vaheed Taheri.

Many Patterns to Choose

With over 400 patterns available from Vaheed Taheri, exactly the right rug is waiting to be designed for you by our expert craftsmen. You’ll always notice a difference when you choose stylish rugs from the SFO rug collection to perfectly complement any room design. You’ll always get exactly the look you want.

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