Rugs and Carpets San Francisco

Rugs and Carpets San Francisco

The Rugs and Carpets San Francisco Loves are Custom Designed

Designing the rugs and carpets San Francisco loves to showcase in homes and businesses is an involved process done with a genuine affection for creativity. The end result is always a custom-made, individually designed rug with input from Vaheed Taheri, the creative director from Vaheed Taheri, or with valuable input and ideas from other professional rug artisans.

Rugs can be ordered through carpets and rugs online or by visiting the Vaheed Taheri showroom in San Francisco in person. It takes artisans with a true eye for fashion, interior trends, and creativity from the rug retailer Vaheed Taheri to create these individually styled rugs from materials like jute, silk, hand-carded Tibetan wool, linen, or aloe.

Rugs Styled with Flair Using Contemporary and Modern Methods

The traditional rugs San Francisco loves are still made using old-world methods using processes like time-honored rug weaving, designing, color dyeing, traditional Tibetan knotting techniques, and hand looping to make every rug an original piece of artwork. Here are ways you can ensure that your carpets from the rug retailer, Vaheed Taheri, will blend in perfectly in your rooms:

Measure Carefully – Measure the space you’re putting your rug in to be sure it will cover the exact amount of floor you wish to cover. Rugs are available in standard sizes like 12″ x 18″, 10″ x 14″, 8″ x 10″ or 6″ x 9″, or custom order the exact size you need

Select Colors – The traditional rugs San Francisco rugs love come in a virtually unlimited palette of colors. Work closely with your rug creator to choose the specific colors you need to match your decor perfectly

Choose Your Design Pattern – You’ll have over 400 designs to choose from, or custom create your own design based on original artwork or other artwork you have displayed in your home for a truly personalized look

Custom Area Rugs San Francisco

One thing you’ll notice whether you order your carpets and rugs online or visit the Vaheed Taheri showroom personally is that you have tremendous flexibility and many options in rug choices. What makes the rugs and carpets San Francisco loves from Vaheed Taheri so popular is the extensive range of options. This adds a one-of-a-kind appeal.