20 Best Rug Under Dining Table Ideas

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Looking for rug under dining table ideas? Choosing the perfect rug to sit underneath your dining room table can be a challenge. There are a variety of textures, styles, and sizes to choose from. Being practical is equally important. Obviously, a white rug is not ideal for homes that have a toddler that spills things while at the table! This complete guide will help you find the perfect rug for your dining area.

Match Rug And Dining Room Table Shape

This can help create the perfect dining area. Make sure that your dining rug is the same shape as your table, but slightly larger than your table, for a room that flows perfectly together. It will create an inviting atmosphere that guests will love.

Rugs Should Be Large Enough To Accomodate Dining Chairs

When choosing a rug to place underneath a dining room table, size is one of the most important things to consider. Dining room rugs should be large enough that all dining room chairs can sit on top of the rug. Those sitting at the dining room table should be able to scoot their chair away from the table without it getting caught on the edge of the rug.

However, it’s important to make sure that they are not too large. If you have a compact size kitchen table, you need a small rug to put underneath. Rugs should extend 12-16 inches beyond the edge of the chairs that sit at the table to provide ample space to scoot out the chair.

Always Consider Your Daily Life When Choosing A Rug

What happens in your dining room daily will determine the color and material of your dining area rug. For example, a light cream rug will look nice, but this rug will show stains easily. Consider the people in the household, and whether young children frequently spill things while eating at the dining room table. Take the time to think about the location of the rug. Is it near a door where people will walk on the rug as soon as they come inside?

When in doubt, a handmade wool rug is always a great choice. Wool has a natural wax called lanolin that sits on top of wool fibers to make these natural rugs more stain resistant than other materials. Hand knotted wool rugs are known for being resilient, and lasting for years. They are easy to clean, hold up well in high traffic areas and come in a variety of styles and colors.

Use Low Pile Rugs For Dining Areas

High pile rugs have a cozy appeal, but they can be a pain when used in a dining area. It’s difficult to scoot chairs across a high pile rug. Chair legs will get caught in the long fibers, possibly tipping chairs over. Food that is dropped on the rug will get caught in the material, and be difficult to pull out. Because these rugs can be more difficult to clean, they are best used in areas away from the dining room.

Rustic Dining Area Rugs

Finding the perfect dining area rug for a rustic dining room is as easy as following a brown color palette. Brown is a neutral color that complements multiple decorating schemes. It tends to fade into rustic rooms, creating a cozy atmosphere. To bring more attention to the dining rug, purchase a rug in a brown color palette that is darker than the rest of the room.

It’s important to purchase a rug in a pattern that complements a rustic theme. Abstract, modern and geometric patterns will clash too much with rustic themes. Instead, opt for oriental patterns and medallion patterns.

Here are some more rug under dining table ideas.

Sliding Door Dining Area Rugs

If you have sliding glass doors that lead to an outdoor patio, it’s critical that your rug is both practical and coordinates well with your beautiful dining room. Opt for a natural wool rug. These won’t hold onto dirt, and are available in a variety of designs that will complement any dining area.

Match Your Rug To Your Dining Chair

Dining chairs often that have a fabric seat, or a seat that is a different color, can often stand out in a room if you do not include that color in your decorating scheme. That’s why selecting a rug in the same color as the seat on your dining chair is an exceptional idea. It will truly make your dining table the centerpiece of the room.

For mismatched dining chairs, use a rug that includes all of the colors in the pattern. It will create a modern dining space full of color and positive energy.

Oriental Rugs Look Exceptional In Antique Dining Spaces

Dining areas with an antique look to them will appear chaotic if the rug of the room has a different design. Oriental, hand-knotted rugs best complement these dining areas. Medallion designs, floral designs, and carefully crafted scrollwork will pair well with antique decor. Avoid tribal designs, modern rugs, and boho styles.

Use Color Under A Black Dining Table

A black dining set combined with neutral colors or a black rug will look too bland. Dark colored rugs will make the area depressing. Instead, use soft yellows or greens for an earthy appeal. Create drama with bright, bold colors.

Create A Bohemian Dining Experience

Those that enjoy eating exotic foods need a rug to match the unique food that is served at the table. Pick up a boho rug with beautiful colors of blue, pink, yellow, and green for a creative dining room. Muted colors in earthy tones will pair well with a brown dining table.

Match Dining Room Decor

Pair blue dining room decor with a blue rug to create a classic country dining room. A traditional oriental rug with shades of blue and beige will look exceptional with a classic country blue. Likewise, you can use a green rug in a dining area that is packed with plants or a brown rug in a coffee themed dining area. Use this idea with any decorating scheme, from rustic to modern, to create the perfect dining space.

A Charming Dining Nook Is Complete With A Beige Colored Rug

Cream colored rugs are perfect for small dining areas, such as a dining nook. Using a rug can help separate spaces perfectly. The light color of beige, also known as off white, creates the illusion of more space. Dark colors will make small dining areas feel cramped and claustrophobic.

Coastal Dining Areas Are Complete With Modern, Wavy Lines

When choosing a rug, it’s important to consider the theme of your current dining space. For coastal areas, a relaxed yet modern rug with a variety of colors and wavy lines will create the same calming effect that coastal decor does.

Stick With The Theme

Homeowners that have a particular theme in their kitchen or dining room can find the perfect rug to coordinate with their theme. Select a rug that features roosters for a countryside dining area. Consider a beautiful jute rug in a shades of green and brown for a natural themed dining area. A soft cow hide rug will pair perfectly with a cozy cabin dining room. Your rug should complement the rest of your dining room design.

Create Contrast In Dark Dining Areas

Using a dark colored rug in a dark room or with dark furniture will create a darker dining room. This can work well in a large dining space with plenty of light colors, but it’s not a good idea for small rooms. Too many dark colors will create the illusion of having less space, making the room feel stuffy.

Select a dining rug rich in colors with light colors incorporated into the design. This will help bring the entire dining space together.

Cream Colored Rugs Are Ideal For An Elegant Dining Area

A formal dining space with a glass dining table needs a large, cream colored area rug. Use this light colored rug with cream colored furniture to enjoy a dining space that looks royal.

Consider Decorating Style

A modern dining table set calls for a modern rug. Instead of a floral pattern, opt for an abstract pattern or geometric pattern. A larger-scale square pattern is another great idea. These always look exceptional in a modern setting.

Busy Patterns In Monochromatic Colors

Monochromatic color schemes remain a popular dining room idea for modern homes. A busy pattern of abstract lines or large shapes will provide the perfect amount of style in a dining area. Opt for a rug with large lines if you want a powerful pattern that has an effortless style.

Use Patterns To Create A Style

Dining rooms that have a color scheme but are not decorated in a particular style need a rug with a pattern to add more to the room. A classic pattern will create a relaxing, traditional atmosphere. Floral patterns are lovely patterns that have a cozy vibe. Patterns with deep blues and whites are ideal for homes with a coastal style. Monochromatic rugs with large design elements, such as lines or shapes, instantly have effortless style.

Pair Plain Rugs With Colored Walls

A pink accent wall and half painted walls are stylish, but adding a rug with a loud pattern to the room with bright colors or patterns on the walls can create too much energy in the area, making it feel chaotic. These rugs will draw attention away from focal points in the room, such as a gallery wall. Instead, opt for a plain rug in a solid color.

Conclusions About Rug Under Dining Table Ideas

This were our top rug under dining table ideas for you. To learn more about choosing the right rug or rug materials, check out the rest of our blogs! Let us know if you have other rug under dining table ideas. Feel free to share if you liked this article.