Best Guide When Paying for Rug Repair – Make Your Rug Looks Like New

Rug repairs are extremely common, especially if you own a hand-knotted rug. Before having your rug repaired, it’s important to learn about rug repair. This will guarantee that you use correct terminology, don’t pay for shoddy repair jobs, and wind up with a rug that looks brand new. This article will cover everything that you need to know about rug repair.

Only Work With An Experienced Rug Repair Expert

Rug repair shops are in high demand, but the number of experienced rug repair professionals is slowly dwindling. Fewer and fewer people are learning the craft of carefully weaving together natural fibers to fix holes in oriental rugs because it is not as high in demand as it once was.

This has resulted in small shops popping up all over the world that claim they can repair oriental and Persian hand-knotted rugs even though they do not possess the skills necessary to repair rugs properly. They are more likely to machine repair tears instead of using natural fibers and a weaving technique. Rugs may be painted over instead of re-dyed properly. These shoddy repair jobs are often overpriced and can drastically reduce the value of your oriental rug.

Because there are so many shops that machine repair rugs when they should not, it’s important to ask them about the process they use to repair rugs. This can tell you whether you need to have your rug repaired at another shop.

Searching companies online is a wonderful way to determine whether they are reputable businesses. Most people that post online reviews will tell others if they have a negative experience with a company.

Last, it’s important to ask a rug repair specialist about their previous experience. Rug specialists that have more experience often charge a higher price, but they will do an exceptional job repairing your rug.

Ask Whether Rugs Repairs Are Guaranteed

Some rug repair facilities will guarantee their repairs. This is especially common for overcast repairs that involve weaving new threads along the rug to secure the edges. Fringe repairs that involve using a new thread to hold make the fringes secure may also come with a lifetime guarantee. Before taking your rug to a shop for an expensive repair, ask them what guarantees they offer. You can trust that a rug repair shop that provides a lifetime guarantee is going to do a great job.

Consider The Cost

Oriental and Persian rugs are often worth thousands of dollars. It’s considered a good investment to pay a few hundred dollars for rug restoration services.

Keep in mind that some repair shops will overcharge. It’s important to contact several repair shops for estimates before deciding where to take your rug.

However, synthetic rugs are often not worth the additional cost of rug repairs. You could save money by purchasing a new machine-made rug.

Store Damaged Rugs Properly

If you notice that your rug is damaged, it’s critical to store your rug until you can get it repaired. Leaving your rug in high traffic areas will make the damage worse. However, so can not storing your area rug properly.

Prior to storing your rug, it is important to clean your rug. If there are food particles on the rug, they will mold as more time goes on. Carefully sweep or shake your rug out to gently clean it.

If there was a recent spill, make sure that the rug is completely dry. Rugs that are stored with damp spots will rot. Make sure to check the underside of the rug for dampness as well.

After cleaning your rug, it’s important to protect your rug from moths and insects. Spray the rug with a pesticide that is designed to both deter and kill pests. Make sure that it is suitable for the fabric of your rug.

When storing your rug, start rolling it up at one end. Roll the rug tightly together, but be careful not to pull on the rug. This will make holes and tears larger. If you have a hard time keeping your rug straight when rolling it up, use a rod as a guide. Simply place the rod at one end of the rug, and roll the rug around the rod.

After you are done rolling your rug up, it’s important to wrap it in protective material. Professional grade rug wrap is ideal for rugs that will be in storage for a long amount of time. Muslim cloth secured with tape is another great option. Wrapping your rug will help protect it from further damage and pests.

Tears And Holes Should Be Repaired Immediately

It’s common to see a small hole from moth damage or a small tear in a rug. If you don’t have these repaired as soon as possible, it can make the rug more difficult to repair. As time goes on, the holes will get larger. Fibers used in hand knotted rugs will begin to slowly unravel. If you wait years to get your rug repaired, you will often find that you have irreparable damage.

Re-Sizing Is Always An Option

While your rug repair shop might not be able to perform a solid repair because your rug has extensive damage to the edges, they can always resize the rug. This is a process that involves cutting the edges of the rug, and re-sewing the edges. You’ll have a slightly smaller rug that will look brand new. If you have irreparable damage in the middle of your rug, the rug can be cut in half to make smaller rugs. You’ll wind up with gorgeous rugs that look brand new.

Preventing Damage To Your Rugs

It’s important to prevent future damage to your rug by taking preventative measures. Avoid having to pay for expensive tear repair by placing expensive hand-knotted rugs in low traffic areas. Either avoid vacuuming them or only vacuum them once every other week to help prevent damage.

Cleaning your rugs regularly will help prevent moth damage. Moths can be vacuumed up during regular vacuuming. Spraying your rug with vinegar to neutralize odors during cleaning will deter moths.

Avoid mild water damage by making sure that your rug dries thoroughly. A small spill that is not dried properly can cause mild damage during the first couple of weeks. As time goes on, it will cause an excessive amount of damage as the natural fibers of your rug start to rot.

Do not place your rug in areas with direct sunlight. This can make the colors fade. UV rays can also cause damage to the fibers of your rug, making them weaker so they rip easier.

Learning about rugs will go a long way in helping to prevent damage. Check out the rest of our blogs to educate yourself about the type of material that your rug is made of to learn how to properly take care of your gorgeous rug.