Rooms With Dark Brown Carpet? Best Tips When Decorating

Looking for decorating ideas for rooms with dark brown carpet? Look no further. You are in the right place.

Dark brown carpeting can make a room look rich and luxurious. This carpet color coordinates well with a variety of decorating themes, guaranteeing that you have plenty of options when it comes to decorating with furniture, accent pieces, and rugs. These are the best ways to decorate if you’ve found yourself in rooms with dark brown carpet.

Cover It With A Large Rug

When you simply cannot stand the color of your brown carpeting or have found that it doesn’t coordinate well with your current decor, covering it can be a cost-effective option. Purchase a large, thin rug in beige or another neutral color. Lay it over the brown carpet, leaving one inch of carpet showing around the edges. It will look stylish, and the brown carpeting won’t take over the room.

Carefully Choose Furniture Colors

Avoid choosing furniture in a cool color or light neutral color. The color brown will overpower them, making the room appear off balance. Instead, select furniture in a warm color or medium shade. Medium grey pairs well with dark brown. This shade of gray will simultaneously create contrast and look fashionable. Choosing medium brown, orange, red, or earthy green are great ideas for primary colors in the room too. Avoid furniture that comes in a bright color.

Neutral And Warm Colors As Primary Colors

When selecting a color palette for the room, use warm colors of brown, tan, red and orange as primary colors. This will make the room feel inviting and cozy to the family. Rugs in shades of tan or another neutral shade will look stunning against dark brown.

Natural Furniture

Wooden furniture in a medium brown, suck as a teak coffee table, will look exceptional sitting on brown carpets. Avoid natural furniture that is a dark color or the exact shade of brown as the carpet. The furniture will blend into the carpet and make the room appear too dark.

When using natural furniture, it’s important to include other colors into the room, such as a shade of orange. An all-brown space can be boring and depressing, so it’s best to avoid decorating the entire space in various shades of brown.

Blue Is A Beautiful Choice

Blue is a popular choice in interior decorating, and it pairs well with brown. A lighter color of baby blue is the perfect wall color. Blue shades in sky blue create a gorgeous contrast against dark brown flooring.

Navy blue shades are another great option for decorating a space with dark brown carpet. This popular color is dark, so it should be used in moderation. Do not paint the walls in nautical blue, or select navy furniture. Instead, use dark shades of blue as accent colors throughout the room or in paintings.

Natural Lighting Is Important

When decorating a room with brown carpet flooring, it’s important to make sure that the room has plenty of natural lighting. This will counteract the dark element of brown carpet flooring. Instead of the living space appearing dark and depressing it will have a neutral appearance that makes it warm and inviting.

Sheer curtains are a great idea. If sheer curtains are not an option, consider window coverings that allow plenty of light to flow through. Natural light will make the room appear larger and less claustrophobic.

Picking The Perfect Paint

Wall color is very important. Stay away from dark colors. You also should not use dark brown paint. Instead, opt for light or medium neutral colors. Medium and light shades of brown can work well with dark brown carpet provided there is plenty of natural light in the room.

Pick up a paint chip deck of sample cards and tape them to your wall. Make sure to include various colors from every color family. This will let you see how well the color of paint looks next to dark brown carpet.

Including Area Rugs

Layering area rugs over a brown floor is a great idea! Use an area rug in warm browns to stay in tune with a neutral palette or earthy color palette. A neutral palette will also pair well with brown carpet.

Always keep your couch colors in mind when choosing an area rug. If you have a bright colored couch, avoid brightly colored rugs. This can make the room look as though it has too much color.

The same rule of thumb applies to patterns. If your couch colors consist of vivid patterns, don’t use an area rug with a bright pattern. Too many patterns in a room can make the room appear too busy and overstimulate guests.

Choose Color Combinations Before Decorating

It’s critical to decide how you would like to decorate before decorating, especially when you have this carpeting color. Carefully select your wall paint color options, window treatments and furniture colors first. These will be the primary colors in the living room. Then, select accent colors that will coordinate well with this color of carpet. This color palette will be the colors that you use for your living room.

Turquoise And Brown

This is one of the most fantastic color combinations to use! The deeper color of turquoise pairs well with brown. It helps to create a color palette that can be used with any decorating style, including modern. Use turquoise to add pops of color. Pair it with a neutral color sofa in a natural color to give the room a harmonious vibe.

Nature-Inspired Color Schemes

Brown and green is the perfect color combination for a nature inspired living room. The strong color of dark brown will pair well with a soft camel color that can be used for furniture or area rugs. Incorporate green shades by using plants and greenery as decor throughout the room. You can also add more green shades into the room with rugs, furniture or candles. Darker shades of beige and tan will work well in this color palette.

When choosing an accent color, avoid a neutral shade or brown shades. Green shades should be used as a primary color, and not an accent color. Consider a richer shade of yellow to being more energy into the room. Blue of every shade will complement a nature color scheme nicely.

Conclusion about decorating rooms with dark brown carpet

When working with brown carpet, carefully consider the color palette that you will use in the room. Then, browse our wide selection of beautiful rugs to find the perfect one to complement your dark brown carpet.