Best Pet Friendly Rug to Choose – Avoid Accident On Your Rug

Having a pet can be very rewarding, but they are prone to the occasional accident. Pet owners can’t avoid the inevitable accident on their rug, but there are quite a few things that they can keep in mind to make sure that they have a pet friendly rug.

Avoid Rugs With Synthetic Materials

On your search to discover the perfect pet friendly rug, you’ll discover that a lot of people advocate for rugs that are made with synthetic materials. While these rugs are known for being waterproof, they are also known for being full of chemicals that can be dangerous for both the family and your furry friends. Instead, opt for a rug made from natural materials.

Wool Rugs Are A Great Choice

Wool rugs offer comfort for pets. They are soft and luxurious. This natural fiber does not contain any allergens. Wool is known for not harboring dust mites or breeding bacteria, which makes it ideal for older animals that can get sick easily.

The only problem with these natural rugs is that they tend to be more expensive than rugs made from materials like plastic. It’s important to make sure that puppies and kittens are house trained and litter box trained so that they do not ruin the rug.

Don’t Buy Loop Pile Rugs

Looped pile rugs are very popular because they are so soft. Cats and dogs will love laying on the soft pile, but they will also destroy the rug. Cats will attack the pile yarns and chew on them. Dogs may also chew on the loops.

This can hurt both animals and rugs. Animals can get the loops wrapped around their teeth or claws, which can easily result in an emergency trip to the vet. As animals attack the rug, they will slowly start to pull the rug apart. Most pet owners will discover that they need to replace the rug within one year or sooner.

Are Jute Rugs Pet Friendly?

Braided jute rugs are a natural material that most pets won’t attack. The jute foundation doesn’t feel too stiff, yet it is capable of holding up to the scratches that go hand in hand with the pet’s nails. Jute helps resist stains, so homeowners won’t have to worry that unfortunate accidents will ruin their rug.

When choosing one of these rugs, it’s important to make sure that it is made of 100 percent jute. Rug manufacturers are known for including synthetic materials with natural materials, so it’s critical to read the tag to determine what your rug is made of.

Consider Dark Colors

A homeowner should always coordinate colors with the rest of their home decor, but it’s important to make dark colors work when there are pets in the home. Dark colors do not show pet stains as easily. Urine stains will appear invisible if a pet has an accident on a black rug.

However, it’s important to note that pet owners need to be careful when taking care of their rugs. If they are exposed to direct sunlight, the color will fade over time. Washing a rug too often can also lead to color fading.

Natural Cotton Rugs Are Another Great Idea

Cotton provides a soft feel that both pets and people will love. These rugs can be found in a variety of colors. They are easy to maintain and are machine washable. This makes them a wonderful idea for pet owners that have small pets that are prone to accidents.

Cotton flatweaves are a popular option for pet owners. These are not as soft as other types of cotton rugs, so your pets might not enjoy lounging on them as often. They are easy to clean, available in a wide variety of patterns, and look wonderful on hardwood flooring. Because they do not have a pile, cats will not attack them as they will other rugs.

The only downside to owning a cotton rug is that they tend to attract fur. Pet owners will need to give their cotton rug a quick vacuum at least 2-3 times per week. When vacuuming, it’s critical to avoid using the brush on the vacuum to avoid damaging the fibers of the rug.

Bring Outdoor Rugs Inside

Rugs that are designed for outdoor use are generally pet friendly. These rugs are less absorbant, making it easier for pet owners to clean up accidents. They are designed to be easy to clean if they get dirty, which is a huge bonus for dog owners. Outdoor rugs are available in various designs, making it a breeze to find a rug that will look great with indoor decor.

Don’t Forget A Rug Pad

Rugs that slip across the floor are a dog owner’s nightmare. As the dog runs across them, it will slip underneath their paws. This can injure the dog. Over time, it can result in a significant amount of wear and tear to the rug, costing homeowners more money in replacement costs. Instead, save yourself the hassle by purchasing a non-skid rug pad made from natural rubber when you purchase a beautiful, pet friendly rug.

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