Oriental Rugs San Francisco

Oriental Rugs San Francisco

Skilled Talented Designers Make the Difference in the Handmade Rugs San Francisco Loves
When stunning design flawlessly combined with exceptional construction are the major things desired in the handmade rugs San Francisco loves to own that help accent homes and places of business, you’ll find the most unique, artisan-inspired rug design choices from Vaheed Taheri. Skilled and talented designers make the difference in your choice of rugs. Designers for Vaheed Taheri are exceptionally artistic. They’ve had their work and cutting-edge ideas featured in a number of respected publications.

Flair for Design Blended with Talent

The artisans creating the area rugs San Francisco business and homeowners admire and love fashion these rugs with a nod towards traditional qualities like durability, expertly blended with unmatched creativity. Whether you choose traditional materials like cotton or wool, or more luxurious materials like silk, linen, jute or even aloe, you know the handmade rugs San Francisco appreciates will be made to order and created to be totally unique. Rugs will also be:

Uniquely Sized – To perfectly fit into any space you plan to feature them in

Created Featuring Custom Colors – One-of-a-kind colors can be used or more traditional colors like beige, gray, and navy blue. Any color selected is sure to be custom created to blend seamlessly within your room decor

Custom Chosen Weave Styles – Custom hand knotting and looping techniques to the most creative Tibetan knots fashion a brilliantly unique aesthetic and give the Oriental rugs San Francisco loves or any other type of rug chosen its own flair and charm

When rugs come from the creative portfolio offered by Vaheed Taheri, your rooms shine with authentic style, elegance, and glamour. Area rugs San Francisco enjoys having in businesses and homes add a real sense of charisma and verve to any room. Enhancing the design of rooms is easy when you have such a breadth of creative choices from Vaheed Taheri.

Oriental Rugs Add Classic Touches to Rooms

Adding a sense of charm, warmth and true classical style to rooms is best accomplished with the Oriental rugs San Francisco loves from Vaheed Taheri. The Oriental design hails from exotic places like Morocco, India, China, Tibet, Armenia, Egypt, and Pakistan. True style comes from the artistic leanings of authentic rug artisans like the professionals from Vaheed Taheri.