Oriental Rug Dealers San Francisco

Oriental Rug Dealers San Francisco

Perfectly Accent and Complement Any Design Scheme with the Oriental Rugs San Francisco Loves

Uniquely artistic and professionally designed rugs are the specialty of the oriental rug dealers San Francisco trusts, the pros from Vaheed Taheri. Experts strive to deliver exactly the style, color, weave, and sizes of oriental rugs San Francisco residents and business owners committed to fit perfectly into their home and business spaces. Getting it right the first time and every time takes expertise. Vaheed Taheri offers a broad selection of Oriental rugs to accent any space, with satisfaction guaranteed.
A Wide Array of Choices

When you select the oriental rugs San Francisco loves through Vaheed Taheri, you have control over several important factors in your decision. These include:

Size Selection – Choose from standard sizes like 8 x 10 or 10 x 14, or customize the exact size you need to fit perfectly into your space

Colors and Materials – Choose traditional colors like beige, blues, and reds or splurge on specialty colors like oranges and yellows. You’ll also select the materials you want from the trusted Oriental Rug Dealers San Francisco depends on, the pros from Vaheed Taheri

Unique Weave Style Choices – Specialists can advise you on the best weave styles for your needs, whether you choose to go with hand looping, hand-knotting, variations in rug textures, or traditional Tibetan knots

The oriental rugs San Francisco home and business owners love to showcase in their decor are guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind works of art. Your specialty rugs will give you years of pleasure and utmost satisfaction. Assistance and useful advice from the Oriental rug dealers San Francisco trusts helps to seal that sense of total satisfaction.

The Perfect Rug for your Space

Through Vaheed Taheri, there is no doubt that the rug you choose will blend seamlessly and effortlessly into your unique design scheme. Your room will pop with unbelievable design flair. Your carefully chosen rug will always perfectly accent and complement your furnishings.

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