12 Wonderful Office Rug Ideas to Take a Productive Look

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Having a functional office space that provides the optimal environment for both comfort and productivity is essential. Your home office should be a reflection of yourself. It should have functional decor if necessary. Decorating an office will be easy when you consider these wonderful office rug ideas.

Low Pile Rugs Are Perfect For Underneath Office Chairs

Your office space needs to be functional. Using high pile or shag rugs might look cozy, but the wheels on your chair will get caught on the rug. Instead, choose low pile rugs or hand knotted rugs without a pile for the area underneath your office chair.

Add Bursts Of Color

White walls are common in an office space, but these are the opposite of inspiring. Spruce up your office area by adding bursts of color. Pick up a deep purple rug to coordinate with other office decors. Create a gorgeous green accent wall with a rug to match. Modern rugs in light, airy colors or a neutral color palette are great ideas.

Keep Hardwood Flooring Warm With Cozy Rugs

An office space should be somewhere that you want to go every day. If you have cold hardwood floors, it will not feel inviting. Create a cozy atmosphere by using large area rugs to cover open floor space.

When selecting area rugs, it’s important to consider how much natural light comes into the office. If there is little light, dark colors can make the room appear claustrophobic. Instead, use a light or neutral color palette. In rooms with an abundance of natural light, both light and dark color palettes are a wonderful idea.

Stick With A Color Theme

Before selecting a rug, consider the color scheme you would like to have in your office. Rich colors of blue and purple encourage creativity. Shades of grey and white create a timeless style. Add visual and style warmth with browns and reds. Using your favorite color is a great way to incorporate your personal style into your office. Once you decide on a color palette for your office, it will be easy to find a rug that complements your office.

Place Rugs Under Furniture And Decor

This creates a timeless style that adds plenty of color to a room. Large area rugs in earthy tones will look exceptional underneath pieces of furniture. Place small, circular accent rugs underneath a floor lamp. Use them underneath a decor item to create a conversational piece.

Use A Large Area Rug For The Entire Office

If you have an office with small square footage, consider using an area rug for the entire floor. As a general rule of thumb, you should leave about six inches of wood flooring visible along the edges.

When selecting a rug, use the same rules that you would if you were selecting a carpet. Make sure that the rug coordinates well with the existing color scheme. If you have a busy office, consider a low pile rug made from natural materials that can stand up to the wear and tear of high traffic.

Purchase A Range Of Rugs

If you have more of an eclectic personal style, purchase a variety of rugs to make your office feel like home. Make sure that the rugs complement each other. They should belong to the same color scheme that is being used in the rest of the office. If large rugs are placed under pieces of furniture, purchase rugs that are of a similar pile height. If the rugs clash too much in color or pile height, it will make the room feel chaotic.

Abstract Area Rugs Are Modern

Abstract area rugs have the perfect combination of abstract shapes, swirls, and designs to transform a boring office into a modern office. These rugs inspire creativity, helping authors and artists to make the most of their space.

Consider color carefully when selecting an abstract rug. For a timeless look in your modern office, opt for a monochrome color palette. Red and brown office rug ideas create more warmth to make offices more appealing. Vivid colors of yellow and bright green will instantly give you a more beautiful home office. Take your time when considering office rug ideas to make sure that the color of your rug has the effect that you would like.

Persian Rugs Are Always A Great Idea

There are several benefits to putting a Persian rug in an office. These rugs look luxurious, so you won’t look like you’re working in a cheap office anymore. Persian rugs can be used as a wall hanging to create a feature wall. Drape them over furniture. You can also use these as large area rugs in low traffic areas. Keep in mind that you should not place these rugs underneath an office chair. The constant weight and rolling of the chair will cause a significant amount of wear and tear.

Shag Rugs

These high pile rugs are frequently seen in chic home offices. Place them under pieces of accent furniture, such as a table or floor lamp. Use them as an accent by placing a circular rug in the middle of the floor. Purchase a large high pile rug to use as a furniture covering.

Jute Rugs Pair Perfectly With A Bohemian Style

Braided jute rugs are great for high traffic areas. They have a beautiful style that will make every office look unique. These chic style rugs pair perfectly with a relaxed boho style. They can sit underneath a desk chair or solid wood desk without appearing worn.

Handknotted Rugs Are Ideal For High Traffic Areas

Hand knotted rugs are ideal for high traffic areas. They are able to withstand wear and tear better than synthetic rugs, making them a wonderful choice for homeowners that have a lot of traffic in their offices.

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