Moroccan Rugs San Francisco by Vaheed Taheri

Moroccan Rug in Wool

Moroccan Rugs San Francisco

At the Vaheed Taheri’s Moroccan Rugs San Francisco Collection we are proud to present some of the best quality Moroccan Rugs and most beautiful Moroccan Rug Designs from our  Moroccan & Texture collection. For the last few years, we have tried and developed so many texture and technics of weaving in order to capture the best style and quality Moroccan wool rugs.

Our Moroccan wool rugs are Handmade and feature bold and broken designs that differ from traditional wool rugs, classic wool rugs and Persian rugs and in fact from most of handmade contemporary wool rugs.

Vaheed Taheri Moroccan rugs are made of all natural products such as wool and mohair. Most rugs are made with 100% sheep’s wool and hand spun wool.

Moroccan Vintage rugs and Moroccan wool rugs are very popular with San Francisco Interior designers as well as people who are looking for handmade wool rugs and contemporary wool rugs. Handmade wool Moroccan Rug has decorative flexibility and well priced for wool area rugs compared to most of the handmade wool rugs San Francisco.

Vaheed Taheri Rug has become the rug destination for Interior designer in San Francisco and Interior designers in Bay area who are looking for the best quality Moroccan wool rugs. The most well know tribe in Moroccan rug industry is called Beni Ouarain tribe. And their rug weavers used to make the most beautiful Moroccan rugs.

Moroccan Rugs San Francisco Collection is an artful expression of soft and contemporary style. Hand-knotted in Nepal of wool and Marina wool the timeless Moroccan patterns are infused with a spectrum of colors for a look that’s sure to be the center of the room and the conversation.

Please visit Vaheed Taheri Showroom at San Francisco Design Center Galleria to see more option in Moroccan Rugs San Francisco. Moroccan rugs are available in Standard sizes and custom sizes ( Made to order) as well as custom colors.