Guide for your Living Room Rug Placement – Achieve the Best Look


Living room rug placement is key to using your rugs to bring a pop of personality into the room. The perfect rug placement can help you achieve the look that you want, whether you’re dividing the room into sections or would prefer that the entire living room have a modern style. Consider these stylish ideas when deciding where to place rugs in your living room.

Under Pieces Of Living Room Furniture

Placing rugs underneath furniture remains a classic idea. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to pull off this look.

Placing rugs underneath large pieces of furniture can instantly make a living room appear more inviting. Welcome guests to your home with classic colors peeking out from underneath your sofa. To use this decorating tip, make sure that all of the legs of the sofa are on top of the rug.

You can use this idea to highlight accent furniture. Place a small, circular rug underneath an oval accent table. A rectangular rug can be placed underneath a classic armchair to add personality to a room. Additional furniture is often considered accent furniture and always looks exceptional with a rug.

To bring attention to a focal point in the room, such as your entertainment center, put a rug underneath it with bold, bright colors. These rugs are designed to catch the eye and will help create a central focus in a room.

Cover Large, Open Spaces

Place an area rug in the center of the living room floor to create depth in the room. To do this, use a rug that is colorful with a beautiful pattern in the middle of your living room. Area rugs that have gorgeous patterns depicting animals or humans are an exceptional idea.

Playful area rugs with bold geometric designs can be used as a designated play space for children in the living room when they are placed in the center of the floor. This instantly allows your kids to have fun in the living room without parents having to worry about the mess.

Rugs that are beautiful and comprised of durable material can be placed in the center of the room to use the rug as a focal point in the room. This has the same effect as having an accent wall. However, it’s important to remember that people will be walking on the rug, so it should be durable and easy to clean.

Place Large Area Rugs Under The Dining Table

A large wooden dining table looks exceptional with an area rug underneath it. This has a classic appeal that dates back centuries. However, you can pull off this look with any material, not just wood.

When placing rugs under furniture, it’s important to remember that all of the furniture legs should be on top of the rug, including the legs of the chairs.

Consider purchasing a large area rug that is easy to clean, such as a hand knotted rug, for underneath your dining table. Dining areas are known for having more messes than other areas of the living room.

Use Rug Placement To Create A Space

Modern homes often come with open floor plans. There is a trend that is a wonderful alternative to building walls; to create spaces in these rooms with key rug placement.

Adding a rug in front of a couch or accent chair can create a living space. This is a great way to turn an unconventional space into a living space.

You can place a large area rug underneath a desk and the desk chair to symbolize that part of the living room is used for an office space.

A large rug in the middle of the room signals that the entire room is used as a common space.

Bright rugs with vivid colors are ideal for creating a hobby space or a special area for the children to play.

When using rugs to divide rooms, it’s important to consider the usable rug space. Parts of the floor that are covered by large overstuffed furniture are not typically considered rug space.

Bring Attention To A Conversation Piece

Mid-size area & accent rugs will add extra style to any room when placed under a conversation piece. Pick up a mid-sized accent rug in bold colors to truly accentuate anything in a room.

This is a wonderful idea if you have an accent table or artwork to show off. Place a beautiful rug in front of the living room wall underneath your favorite painting to create an accent wall. Carefully put a unique rug in front of a one of a kind chair or underneath a sculpture. Using unique or brightly colored rugs will instantly bring guests’ attention to conversational pieces in the room.

In Front Of A Sectional Sofa

Add additional color to a room by placing a rug in the center of a sectional couch. To do this, do not put the legs of sofas on top of the rug. Instead, the rug should be parallel to the legs. Then, put a coffee table on top of the rug.

This idea works exceptionally well if you have a modular sofa. Move the pieces of the sofa so that it forms an L shape. Then, use the tip above to create a stylish living room look.

Cover Scratches On Hardwood Flooring

You can save quite a bit of money on flooring repair by simply covering the imperfections. This design option is one of the most inexpensive options to make your hardwood floors look beautiful again. Simply cover scuff marks with a large area rug. This can also prevent future damage to your floors.

Consider Placing Less Durable Rugs In Low Traffic Areas

Although rugs are beautiful, they tend to wear down over time. This is why they are often placed underneath accent pieces and furniture. When individuals walk on them, it makes them dirty and results in them not lasting as long.

For example, imagine that a rug is placed in the middle of a room. If family members and guests only walk over a portion of the rug, it will result in unusual wear patterns.

Look at your living room seating arrangements and where the main walkway in the room is. Then, imagine how people will walk over the rug. This can help you determine whether a less durable rug will wear evenly and whether you need to find a new spot for it in the living room.

Create Contrast With Colors

The contrast of a fun pattern underneath a neutral color creates an eye-catching aesthetic that will instantly add appeal to any room. For example, a vibrant rug with a bold pattern will look exceptional underneath a small chair that is light grey.

You can also create contrast by placing neutral colors underneath vibrant accent pieces. For example, place a rug with beige or grey underneath a red or purple couch. The contrast that this creates makes a space comfortable instead of overwhelming. It creates a calm environment.

When homeowners do the opposite and place rugs with vibrant colors underneath other items with bright colors, it can be overwhelming to guests. It will not create the look that you are trying to achieve.

Always Consider What The Space Is Used For

Before determining where to place a rug, first look at what the space is used for. A beautiful white rug is not a great idea for an area where the children are allowed to paint. If small children eat at the coffee table or on the couch, consider whether they will stain the new rug.

Although rugs will look great in these areas, it might be best to wait until you are confident that your rug will not be ruined. If that is not an option, consider purchasing a rug in a dark color to prevent stains from showing.

Messes are not the only thing to consider when choosing where to place your beautiful new rug. You want to consider how much traffic is in an area, how easy it will be to clean the rug and the color of the rug.

In Conclusion

Living room rug placement is an important thing to consider before purchasing a rug. You want to think about what the space is used for, a look that you want to achieve, and what you will be using the rug for. This can help you make sure that you find the perfect rug for your home.

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