Living Room Rug Ideas to Help You Achieve the Best Look

Rug for living room

A living room rug can instantly transform your space! It can create the energy you need. Rugs have the power to inspire the inner artist within you or fill a room with character. These living room rug ideas will help you achieve the look and feel that you want in your living room.

Use A Rug To Tie Together The Color Scheme

Using a rug to bring together various colors is an exceptional living room idea. Place a multi-colored rug under your coffee table that has the main colors in your living room in the pattern. To pull off this living room idea, opt for a large area rug to cover your living room floor.

Include A New Decorating Style

There’s nothing wrong with going against the grain! Instead of a traditional living room idea in which everything coordinates perfectly, mix up your decorating style with a rug that coordinates with a different theme. Pair a traditional rug with modern decor. Include a basket weave rug in your farmhouse-themed living room. It’s the perfect way to add a splash of personality to your living room!

Add A Burst Of Color With Bright Colors

Add a dose of character to otherwise bare floors with a brightly colored rug! Pick up a patterned rug that has at least one complementary color in it or a solid colored rug in a bright, fun color. This living room idea will dramatically increase the energy in your living space. If there are bright accent colors in your living area, make sure that your new rug compliments them.

Create Zones

Rugs are a great way to create zones in an open floor plan or large living room. Use a bold living room rug under your furniture and coffee table to create a living space. Place another beautiful living room rug under your desk for a personal workspace. Finally, put a rug under a dining table to create a small dining space.

When using rugs to create zones, it’s important to leave at least 12-18 inches in between rugs. This creates a walkway for people and further defines the different zones in your space.

Base Your Color Scheme On Your Area Rug

If you have a colorful area rug, use the same colors in your rug to create a color scheme for your living room. Paint the walls the main color of your rug. Then, use the accent colors of the rug pattern as colors for furniture, decorative pillows, and accent pieces throughout the room.

Spice Up A Neutral Theme With Bold Colors

Neutral themes are still seen in a lot of living rooms. These color schemes can be rather boring and lack personality. Add a dose of color with bold colors. Transform your living space into a cheery living room with yellows, greens, and pinks. Enjoy a breezy living room with cool tones of blue. Adding accent colors to your living room is as easy as picking up a new rug.

Use Rugs As Furniture Coverings

Instead of purchasing new furniture for your living room remodel, give your furniture the makeover it desperately needs with a few new rugs. Create a country look by draping cowhide rugs over your furniture. For more durable furniture covers, use flatweave rugs.

Make sure that the colors of the rugs coordinate well with the rest of the living room, or create contrast. Use rugs with a neutral palette if you have a primarily neutral scheme in your living room, and would like to keep the same living room design that you have. However, adding pastel colors will create a lovely living room with a peaceful feeling. Bright and bold colors will add more energy to the room.

Create A Cozy Nook With A High Pile Rug

Transform a section of your living room into a cozy area of comfort with this living room design idea! Invest in a small couch that has a chaise on one end or a matching ottoman. Then, pick up a gorgeous, high pile rug to sit your furniture on. High pile rugs are known for having a comforting effect in living rooms.

Use Your Rug As Art

Purchase an elaborate rug with intricate designs, and use it to create a focal point in your living room. Do not put large pieces of furniture on top of the rug, such as a sofa. Instead, put the rug in a central area in the living room so that all of your guests can see it. This eclectic living room design idea will create a colorful living space.

Make Bright Accent Colors Pop With A Silver Rug

If your living room is already packed with bright accent colors, you want to avoid using a brightly colored rug or one with busy patterns. Instead, stick with a silver rug. This contemporary living room choice will highlight the bold and bright colors in the room, making them truly pop.

Add Dimension With Traditional Designs

Smaller living rooms can benefit from rugs with traditional designs. These elaborate designs add the illusion of having more space. They are a great choice for living rooms with shorter ceilings!

You Can Never Go Wrong With Wide Stripes

Wide stripes are seen in a variety of living rooms. They are seen in elegant living rooms, fun living rooms and used to create color against a background of gray living room decor. Rugs with wide stripes can contain multiple colors or only two colors. When you use a large area rug with wide stripes, it creates the illusion of increased depth and width in a living room.

Create More Energy With Blue And Purple

Purple and blue living rooms are vibrant and fun! Pick up a cobalt blue rug to add a splash of color. Opt for a purple rug with abstract designs for a celebration of color. These two colors help living rooms have a more energetic and positive effect on people. Pair them with blue walls or use them to create a focal point.

Use Natural Fibers For A Bohemian Vibe

Pick up a rug that is bohemian in style for a relaxing effect. Boho style is known for having more nature involved, so you’ll want a rug that represents that. Consider a jute rug or one that has a natural pattern.

Enjoy Creative Colors

Rugs are one of the design pieces that allow you to break all of the traditional rules. Instead of a classic pattern or coordinating colors, break the rules of interior design and opt for creative colors in a dramatic pattern. Geometric patterns are another great idea. When you get creative with your choice of rugs, you’ll notice that your living room begins to represent who you are as a person.

Play With Patterns

Patterns are a great way to add personality, dimension, and even elegance to a living room. For a more dimensional style, opt for a rug with geometric patterns. A traditional pattern will create a classic look that pairs well with a farmhouse style. Intricate details are an elegant choice that will pair well with a modern living room. Take the time to explore various patterns to find one that will help you achieve the look that you want.

Create A Chic Living Room With Faux Marble Rugs

Rugs that are designed to have the same pattern as marble give you the best of both worlds. You get the comfort of a plush rug underneath your feet and the stylish appeal of marble at the same time. These rugs are available in multiple shapes and styles.

Circular Seating Areas

Create a circular seating area with a large circular area rug. Place a circular or oval coffee table in the middle of the rug. Finally, place chairs around the table. Using a modern, circular sofa is another great idea.

When considering living room rug ideas, take the time to have fun decorating your living space! Shop our vast selection of living room rugs to find the perfect addition to your living room.