Large Floor Rugs San Francisco

Factors that go into Choosing Luxury Large Floor Rugs San Francisco

With over 400 attractive patterns to choose from and a large variety of color and size choices, it’s little wonder that the most original and intriguing large floor rugs San Francisco loves having in homes and businesses come from Vaheed Taheri. Exclusivity in design is one attraction, along with exquisite material choices like Himalayan Tibetan wool and Chinese silk. Weaves that are artfully created using specialized hand knotting and hand looping techniques add artistic interest.

Two Main Facets of Hand Made Rug Creation

Having ideas in mind of the finished look of the handmade rugs San Francisco chooses most often is a large part of bringing a dream to fruition. There are two distinct facets to handmade rugs that truly stand out:

Rug Knowledge – Knowing exactly how the rug will be made, using techniques like cartoon mapping and charting of designed plans on graphing paper. Knowledge also includes knowing the nuances of specialized weaving, dyeing, finishing, and washing techniques to make the rugs and carpets San Francisco chooses most often truly one-of-a-kind

Oriental Rug History – Having in-depth knowledge of the history of the oriental rugs and handmade rugs San Francisco appreciates from Vaheed Taheri. This can mean rugs that usually come from Nepal, India, Iran, China, Pakistan, Turkey and Russia. It also includes handmade rugs that are valued most for unique designs, bold colors, distinctive knotting techniques, and thick pile

The rugs and carpets San Francisco enjoys displaying in homes and businesses come from a long history of exceptional oriental rug creation dating back thousands of years. This ancient craft is kept alive to those who truly know and understand the handmade rugs San Francisco appreciates.

Considerations When Choosing a Carpet

The main things consumers should pay attention to when they choose from the variety of large floor rugs San Francisco homeowners love owning are how the rug makes them feel when they look at it, and whether the carpet they are thinking of choosing fits into their budget. One big indicator of high quality is how dense the knots are. Another factor is whether the colors and design fit in with a total home or business design scheme. When these factors all come together seamlessly, you know you’ve made a good decision.