How To Place Rug Under Sectional? Best Tips to Your Living Space


Sectional sofas are a great way to relax at the end of a long, hard day. They are stylish and provide ample seating for the entire family. However, most people are left wondering how to decorate their living space with rugs once they have a sectional couch. There are several ways you can make your living room look great with a new rug! These are some of the best interior decorating tips to help you learn how to place a rug under sectional sofas.

Things To Consider When Placing Rugs Under A Sectional

When deciding how to place a rug under a sectional, it’s important to consider several things. You’ll want to keep the size and shape of your couch in mind. Your rug placement should coordinate well with nearby furniture and compliment your current decorating style. Considering how much floor space is available is also crucial to make sure that your living area doesn’t appear too cluttered.

Sectional Sofa Size

The size of your rug should coordinate with the size of your sofa. As a general rule of thumb, larger sofas will pair well with larger area rugs. Small sectional sofas will look amazing with rugs of a small or medium size.


Don’t forget to take the shape of your sofa into consideration. Certain interior decorating tips will only work well with certain shapes. For example, if you want to have a rectangular rug centered in the middle of an L-shaped sofa, this will look best if you pair the rug with a sofa that has square-shaped sections instead of one that has a rounded corner in the middle.

Decorating Style

Your rug placement should complement the current decor in your living room to create the perfect living space. For example, if you have a modern living space, make sure that you use rug placement ideas that are modern, such as placing a rug at an angle. This will help create harmony and balance in the room. If you have a modern living space but opt for elegant rug placement ideas, it will create an environment that is chaotic to guests.

Floor Space Available

Larger living spaces can often accommodate large area rugs without a problem. However, placing a large rug in a small living space will make it look like the rug is too large. If you have a small living room, pick up a small rug to place under the coffee table in front of your couch.

How To Arrange A Rug With A Sectional Sofa

The perfect arrangement can instantly help your living go from boring to beautiful. These chic living room ideas are the perfect decorating tips to guarantee that your rug placement looks amazing with your sectional.

Oversized Rugs Are A Great Idea

When selecting a new rug, make sure that you consider picking an oversized area rug. Sectional couches are rather large. Oversized area rugs coordinate perfectly with them!

Make sure that you carefully measure that space that you would like to place your area rug before ordering it. If you wind up with a rug that is too small, it will make the space appear awkward.

Line Up The Rug And Coffee Table

Most people have a coffee table sitting in front of their sectional sofa. To decorate with a rug, simply line it up with your coffee table. You can do this by lining up the corner of your rug with the corner of your table if both are rectangular in shape. Homeowners that have a circular table can center a circular rug under the table to create the perfect center space, too!

Put Your Rug At An Angle

Instead of carefully lining up your beautiful rug with a piece of furniture, intentionally place the rug at an angle. You can do this if you have a coffee table in front of your sectional sofa, too. Simply tuck the corners of a rectangular rug under the couch and let the rest of the rug sit at an angle. The diagonal placement of rugs creates a modern living space with a fashionable appeal.

Place The Rug In The Center

If you have an L shaped sectional couch, put your rug in the middle of the space in front of the couch. Rectangular and square rugs can be lined up with the corners of the couch. Circular and oval rugs can simply be centered in this space. You can make this rug placement idea work with any shape of a rug.

When using this idea, it’s important to leave a small amount of floor space visible. Leave approximately six inches between the rug and the couch.

Layer Rugs

Layering rugs in front of your sectional couch is a great idea and gives you the option of combining several decorating ideas in one central space. To layer rugs, make sure that you use thin rugs. Include neutral colors combined with one rug that has a busy pattern. Then, place one rug in a central location in front of the couch. Layer another rug on top of this rug at an angle. Top off your rugs with a beautiful circular rug that is centered under your coffee table for a unique look that all of your guests will enjoy!

Match The Corner Of The Rug With The Corner Of The Sectional

For a crisp, modern look, pick up a rectangular area rug. Then, line up the corner of the rug with the corner of your sectional sofa. This will create a crisp look with straight lines.

To complete the look, avoid busy patterns and bright colors. Instead, stick with natural colors and modern patterns for a living area that coordinates perfectly together.

Center Circular And Oval Rugs In Front Of A Luxurious Sofa

Centering oval and circular rugs in front of your couch is an exceptional idea, even if you don’t have pieces of furniture in front of your sofa. Avoid placing any portion of the rug underneath of the sofa, and do not put furniture legs on the rug. Make sure to leave 6-12 inches in between the couch and the rug. This decorating tip will add an elegant appeal to your beautiful living room.

Leave The Legs Off The Rug

Go away from mainstream decorating ideas that state you should place the legs of a traditional sofa on a couch. Instead, place rugs in front of an extra-large sectional sofa for a modern look.

This decorating idea can also save you money if you have a large sofa. You can purchase a smaller rug that doesn’t have to be larger than your sofa!

Put Only The Front Sofa Legs On The Area Rug

Instead of putting the entire couch on the rug, simply sit the front sofa legs on the rug. To do this with a sectional sofa, you need a rather large rug that all of the front legs will fit on. Avoid only placing a couple of front sofa legs on the rug as this will look awkward.

Sit The Entire Sectional On Your Rug

Purchase a large area rug to sit your entire sectional on top of the rug. This is a great idea if you are using rugs to divide open floor plans into separate spaces. Make sure that the rug is large enough to also fit a coffee table and any other furniture, such as end tables, on top of it to create a dedicated living nook in open-plan living areas.

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