How To Choose The Best Rugs And Carpets For Your Bedroom


There is nothing quite like the sensation of a soft velvety rug beneath your toes.

A new carpet can drastically update the appearance of your bedroom, regardless of whether you are remodeling the entire space or making some minor adjustments. Besides that, a comfortable rug is essential so you may step on a warm, soft surface first thing in the morning.

The core objective should be to select bedroom furniture and décor that gives a room a cozy, tranquil atmosphere. The appropriate carpeting can go a long way in contributing to that warm atmosphere, even though it might seem like a small element.

But how does one choose the perfect carpet? Read on to find out! 

Best Ways To Select The Best Carpet And Rugs

Choosing an ideal carpet can be challenging since it needs to be attractive, and its color and style must match the rest of the décor.

Let’s discuss different steps to guide us in choosing the best carpets and rugs for your bedroom.

Available Space

The size of the room is a crucial element in choosing rugs and carpets. Select a smaller carpet if the space is small. However, a sizeable rug or carpet will be needed to cover more extensive areas.

If the legs of sofas, chairs, and tables are not placed on a rug, the area may appear unfinished, plus the floor beneath may wear due to scratches and scuffs. Therefore, select according to the available room space and keep the rest of the furniture in mind. 

Consider The Rug’s Materials

When selecting a rug, one must first consider its material, color, stitch, and pattern.

Keep the room’s theme in mind — for example, a monochromatic aesthetic works far better in a light-colored space than in a dark one.


Usually, rugs that aren’t very thick are best for bedrooms, as they are soft and have a more appealing texture.


The budget is crucial because you cannot purchase the carpet of your choice without an adequate amount of money. Although decorating your home is necessary, you don’t need to burn a hole in your wallet. Create a budget first, then start looking and planning about carpets and rugs accordingly.

Should One Consider Oriental Rugs?

Contrary to popular belief, Persian and Oriental rugs are not interchangeable terms. Any hand-knotted rug produced in Asia falls under the broader category of “Oriental Rug.”

Oriental rugs are manufactured in India, China, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, and other countries in Asia. Persian rugs are only produced in Persia or contemporary Iran.

Every oriental rug is handwoven on a loom. Ornate designs are woven into the weave by painstakingly knotting strings of yarn. Also, Turkish Knots are frequently used in oriental rugs.

Although wool is typically used to make oriental carpets, other materials like silk and bamboo are sometimes utilized. 

Most rugs are designed using meaningful symbols and patterns derived from the cultures in which they were manufactured. These often characterize geometric shapes, creatures, scenery, and floral designs. For three-dimensional vision, many Oriental rugs use clashing colors and various textures.

Why Carpets And Rugs Are Important In Homes?

Similar to how shoes complete a dress, carpets complete the aesthetic of any room. They are essential for enhancing the area’s appearance, whether in the home or office.

However, they do much more than raise aesthetics; rugs have many advantages!

For instance, they are a wise addition to houses with hard flooring. They make a space more cheerful and provide warmth and comfort for those who walk, sit, and occasionally lie on them.

Moreover, rugs delay the wear process and protect your carpet from traffic, spills, and rigid materials when placed on top of it. After all, replacing a rug is considerably simpler than swapping carpeting.

Key Takeaways

Rugs and carpets are used in our homes to beautify the space and make it more comfortable. One can get rugs in various styles, hues, patterns, and materials.

In a bedroom, they can significantly help create a more cozy environment and make the space seem bigger if appropriately set. 

So, if you’re on the market to buy a rug or carpet to spruce up your bedroom — set a budget, determine the style that will best complement your room’s theme, and go to your nearest rug store to buy one.

Another way to find a decent rug at a reasonable price is by buying it online. There are a variety of stores, with good-sized inventories. 

Sure, you won’t be able to touch and feel the material, but reviews left by past shoppers can help you in making the right decision.