10 Best Tips About How to Choose a Rug Color


There are so many colors and designs to choose from that it can be difficult to select the perfect rug for your space. This complete guide will help you learn how to choose the right rug color for you. There are several things that you want to consider.

Keep Accent Colors in Mind

Decorating typically consists of a color scheme. The primary color should take up 60% of the color in a room. Typically this color will be the wall colors. A second color should take up 30% of the color in a space. The final accent color should consist of the remaining 10%.

Smaller rugs in a brighter color work well for the remaining 10%. Large rugs in cool colors are great for the second color in a room.

Keep color matching in mind when using this method to decorate your space.

Most people pick analogous colors for the main colors in a room and consider bright colors or colors on the opposite side of the color wheel for a third accent color. The accent color brings a pop of color and personality to any space.

Coordinate with Current Color Themes

If you already have a theme in your room, it’s important to pick complementary colors. This will guarantee that your room has distinctive color combinations and that your rug will not clash.

For example, if your room is composed of lighter colors with a green theme, you’ll want a rug that coordinates well with this theme. Select a rug with light colors that also features green.

Consider How the Space is Used

Areas that have a high amount of foot traffic need rugs that are dark colored so that they do not look dirty. Households with small children will also enjoy having rugs in darker colors that do not show dirt as easily.

Match the Rug Color to the Sofa Color

If you have a sofa that is a solid color, consider picking up a rug that matches. This will then transform the color of your sofa into the secondary color in the room.

Keep the trusty color wheel in mind when choosing primary and secondary colors in a design.

Create Calm with Muted Colors

Subdued colors are known for creating a calm atmosphere. Stick with light blues and greens for a calm, beachy environment that will instantly be welcoming to anyone that walks inside.

Modern Monochromatic Color Schemes

These color schemes consist of using several shades of the same color. For example, reds or blues. Rugs that feature this color scheme offer a gradient approach that most homeowners enjoy.

If you already have this color scheme in your room or are focusing on one color, a rug that features this color scheme is ideal for you.

Vibrant Colors Increase Energy in a Space

Bright blues, oranges, and reds instantly create positive energy in a room. It’s hard to feel relaxed or depressed when you are surrounded by rich colors!

However, you want to use these colors carefully in interior design. Using too many bright colors can make a room feel overwhelming. Stick to accent rugs in these colors instead.

For example, place a brightly colored rug underneath a coffee table instead of large dining tables. Consider the table measurements when deciding which color you would like.

Always Remember Your Personal Style

We all have our own sense of style. While some people may enjoy contemporary patterns, another person may prefer a vivid pattern.

Don’t compromise your personal style for the sake of following a trend. If the most popular pattern doesn’t fall in your range in style, purchase something else.

Your space should be a reflection of you. It should be somewhere that you feel comfortable. You’re designing it for you, not everyone else.

Consider the Color of the Floor

Dark flooring tends to pair wonderfully with any color. Light colored rugs create a beautiful contrast when placed on top of dark wood flooring.

Deep rich colors also look exceptional when placed next to a dark floor. The colors blend together to create a gorgeous aesthetic.

Vibrant colors create the same contrast against a dark floor that light colors do. However, they bring a burst of energy into the room.

The Color of Primary Furniture Matters

Large area rugs should coordinate well with the color of your primary furniture. They can be a slightly different shade of the same color. Opting for a color on the opposite side of the color wheel is a great idea.

In Conclusion

When picking a rug for your space, consider the look that you want to achieve. Keep practical design tips in mind. Always remember that the colors of the room should coordinate well with one another.