How Many Rugs Is Too Many? Best Interior Decorating Tips


Rugs are a great way to spice up your interior decorating! They can help create a room with an energetic feel, be used to divide open floor plans, or simply cover your wood floor,  but it’s important not to use too many rugs. There are no hard and fast rules regarding how many rugs are too many, but there are some awesome interior decorating tips that you can use to make sure it doesn’t look like you have too many rugs. This article will cover everything that you need to know.

Only Layer Thin Rugs

Most people enjoy the look of layering rugs. This is an exceptional decorating idea for homeowners that have several thin rugs. However, it does not look well if you have plush rugs, such as thick fur rugs. If you have more than one thick rug, stick with one rug as a floor covering in each spot instead of layering rugs.

Limit Kitchen Rugs To Three

Kitchens are not supposed to be as cozy as the rest of the house. That’s why you’re supposed to only have a maximum of three kitchen rugs. If you have a dining table, it’s appropriate to put a large area rug on the floor underneath it. Another common place to put a kitchen rug is over the floor in the kitchen directly in front of the kitchen sink. Last, place a small rug in front of the back door. This rug should be a welcome mat for people to wipe their feet on.

Provide Ample Open Floor Space

Rugs should not cover your entire floor. Make sure that you leave plenty of floor space to show off your hardwood floors! There should be at least 12-18 inches between your rug and the wall. The only exception to this rule is if the rug is underneath a piece of large furniture, and it has to up against the wall because it is under the furniture.

When using large rugs to divide a room into sections, it’s important to leave space in between the rugs. If you do not, it can make the room appear cluttered and unorganized. Leave at least 12 inches in between rugs to help create sections in the room. Consider using smaller rugs for this idea to avoid making your floor look overprotected.

Use Various Fabrics

When putting several rugs in a room, it’s important that the rugs are not all the same. It will make your floor look too busy if the rugs are bold colors, and will make your room look bland if the fabric is a neutral color. If you use rugs to divide up a room into different spaces, make sure that your rugs are different fabrics so it won’t look like you have too many rugs.

Make Sure That Different Rugs Complement Each Other

When using different patterns and fabrics, it’s important to make sure that the rugs are complementary styles. Include rugs in neutral colors. Avoid using too many different patterns in the same room. When the rugs coordinate perfectly together, it creates a sense of harmony in the room. If they do not, it will make the area feel chaotic.

Let Your Space Dictate Rug Size

The size of the room should control the size of your rug. Small rugs go well in small spaces, such as entryways and bathrooms. Covering the floor with small rugs where there is not a lot of floor space, such as in the kitchen, is also recommended. Reserve large area rugs for open floor space, such as in a living room or dining area.

Rug Placement Is Critical

When considering whether you have too many rugs, it’s important to look at where the rugs are in the room. Putting several rugs in a central location will make a room look awkward, and as though you have too many rugs. Instead, spread rugs out in a room. This will make give your room the perfect balance!

It’s critical to avoid placing rugs too close together when using them as furniture covers. Covering outdated furniture with a flat weave rug is a great idea! However, if you have large flatweave rugs covering your furniture as well as your floor, it will look like there are too many rugs in the room. Instead, cover large pieces of furniture with rugs and show off your gorgeous hardwood floors by leaving them bare.

Avoid Area Rugs On The Wall And Floor In The Same Room

Persian rugs are beautiful works of art and are often used as tapestries instead of placed on the floor. This is an exceptional decorating idea, but it can make it look like you have too many rugs if you have large area rugs on the floor as well as hanging on the wall.

Instead, opt for smaller rugs in rooms where area rugs are used as wall art. This will create a harmonious environment that everyone will feel comfortable in.

Keep Practicality In Mind

Sometimes, you’re going to have a few too many rugs. However, it might be necessary in order to protect the floor or cover dents and scratches on a hardwood floor. If you find yourself in this situation, remember classic interior decorating tips so it won’t look like you have too many rugs. Use neutral colors and avoid too many different patterns to create a beautiful room.

Place Thin Runners Over Carpet

It’s common to place runners over the carpet in order to protect the carpet. In order to pull off this look, you need to keep a few interior decorating tips in mind. First, use a runner that is made of thin material. The combination of plush carpet and plush runners will make it look like you have too many rugs.

Second, opt for a color that is close to the color of your carpet or the opposite color on the color wheel. Using the same color will create a nice flow of color in the room. If you choose to use the opposite color, it will create harmony in the room.

Decorating with rugs is fun! You can create the energy that you would like in a room with the perfect rugs for your space. Keep these tips in mind, and check out our wonderful selection of rugs here to get started creating the perfect space for you and your family!