Decorating Tips About How Big Should Rug Be Under Couch


Making sure that your rug looks wonderful under your couch is necessary to bring the entire room together. The ideal rug placement can make your room look beautiful, while the wrong placement can make the rug look tacky instead of classy. These decorating tips will help you find the perfect placement.

The Rug Should Extend 12-18 Inches Beyond The Couch

The rug should sit perfectly underneath the couch. All of the furniture legs need to be on the rug. This is the minimum size that the rug should be when placed under furniture pieces.

Avoid Placing Parts of Other Pieces of Furniture on the Rug

Homeowners that have an accent chair or coffee table by their couch will need to move them if they do not fit completely on the rug. When placing a rug under furniture, it’s important that all of the furniture is on top of the rug unless the rug was intentionally placed at an angle.

Consider Sofa Size

When ordering rugs by size, it’s important to measure the sofa. If standard rug sizes do not fit the space, opt for custom sized rugs.

Do not order a smaller rug for a larger furniture piece because that is all that is available. Instead, take your time to find the ideal sized rug to fit your larger piece of furniture.

Leave Plenty of Visible Floor Space

The rug should not take over the entire room. Instead, it should sit neatly underneath the couch. There should be a small amount of the rug peeking out from underneath the couch.

If the rug is too large, it can make living spaces feel claustrophobic. It can instantly transform the current space from a loving living room into one that no one wants to be inside.

Larger Rugs Make Exceptional Conversation Pieces

There are a few exceptions to the general rule that rugs should not be too large. One of them is when using a statement rug. These rugs are larger and tend to feature something particular on them. When using large rugs as conversational pieces, you want them to be seen.

Consider What You Want to Achieve

Many modern homes have open floor plans. Using rugs to break up spaces is a great way to have the same division as older homes without having to build walls.

This means that the rug may need to be larger than originally planned. If there are other pieces of furniture in the living space, such as lounge chairs or sofa chairs, they will also need to fit on the rug.

Consider Various Layout Options

Before deciding on the size of your future rug, look at the living room layout. Consider whether comfy chairs will also be on the rug. If they will, make sure that you measure the comfy chairs.

When homeowners put thought into the placement of their future rug, it will help them determine what size rug they will need to complete the look that they want.

In Conclusion

When considering the size of a rug, keep rug placement ideas in mind. Envision where you would like the rug to be. Remember that there are no rights or wrongs in the world of design. Instead, there are only homeowners that follow the rules and those that are unique. There is nothing wrong with either.