Himalayan Tibetan Wool Rugs

Handmade Traditional Rugs San Francisco Loves are Found Through Vaheed Taheri

Some of the best things you’ll discover when you search for genuine Himalayan Tibetan Wool Rugs are that these rugs, handcrafted expertly by artisans from Vaheed Taheri, can be made into any shape or size depending on your desires and your room requirements. There is also a lot of flexibility in the content and thickness of rugs, which makes them exceptionally sturdy and durable. The search for the perfect rug for your room decor scheme becomes an interesting and fun pursuit. Once you’ve found rug perfection, you know the search was well worth the effort.

Options You Will Find in Custom Made Himalayan Wool Rugs

Once you’ve decided to order custom-made, handcrafted Himalayan Tibetan wool rugs, you’ll find that you have some sweet options to tailor the look of your rug to blend perfectly with your room space.

Options include:

Color Choices – Colors range from standards like gray, blue, cream, brown and taupe, to sophisticated custom made colors to complement your unique room design

Weave Styles – You can choose from unique Tibetan knotting styled rugs to hand-looping and other hand-knotting techniques used in the creation of your choice of traditional rugs San Francisco loves displaying in homes and businesses

Materials – Only the best, highest quality materials like hand-spun and hand-carded Tibetan Wool are used to create remarkable, stylish, and functional traditional rugs San Francisco residents appreciate and admire

Make the High-Quality Choice

It pays to always choose from among the highest quality genuine Himalayan Tibetan wool rugs to ensure that you’ve selected an exceptional rug product that lasts and stays beautiful for years to come. Handcrafted rugs from Vaheed Taheri are always worth waiting for, even when there’s a time span for creation. For those who need rugs delivered right away, there are also choices from several standard sizes. Rugs from Vaheed Taheri express elegance and tasteful style.