Rugs As Wall Hangings: How To Hang Your Carpet?

Your room will look stunning with a rug. Rugs can serve as a fantastic piece of wall art for your room in addition to helping with floor decor. Rugs are adaptable decorations with a variety of uses.

The advantages of hanging a rug are numerous, much like the advantages of floor rugs. They feel warm and reduce the noise coming from adjacent rooms.

Perhaps you purchased a lovely rug while traveling but decided not to replace the one you already own. Then, you can go for rug hanging ideas.

The practice of hanging rugs on walls is one of the most popular. Designers and interior decorators always want something to brighten up their rooms without spending money on fancy furniture or renovating, so they created this trend.

Benefits Of Hanging Rug On Wall

Your home contains the elements that define you and uses them to paint a picture of your distinct personality.

With the suitable wall hangings for the home, your entire interior transforms into that homey environment you are so excited to live in. Here are some advantages to hanging the carpet on the wall that should be considered!

Aesthetically Pleasing

The right rug can transform the look of your walls. In terms of Interior Design, it helps to regulate the appearance of the environment and provides a lovely view of a wall.

Makes You Trendy

Carpets can be used instead of hanging paintings. It is a multi-sensory beautiful work of art that you can create to enjoy the natural look of the carpet while also making it more fashionable.

Preserves The Rug

You may have a rug with exceptional emotional or material value that you wish to keep. Hanging the rug on the wall protects the carpet from footsteps and ensures you never forget to clean it.

Sound-Absorbing Properties

If you have an echo in the house, using a rug as a wall hanging can undoubtedly help. Carpets and rugs hanging on a wall absorb sound to varying degrees.

Choose Where To Hang Your Rug

Choosing the right place to hang the rug is crucial, whether you want to hang it in the kitchen, entryway, bedroom, or living room.

Any doorway may be instantly transformed with a woven, whether a vibrant antique rug from your most recent trips or an abstract patterned rug that also serves as a graphic work of art.

There is nothing wrong with having a little more texture above a couch in the living room, as much as we adore unique prints and one-of-a-kind paintings.

Things to Consider Before Hanging

Some people find it challenging to hang a rug or carpet on the wall. However, hanging a rug on a wall is not difficult. Some planning is required to ensure that it is placed correctly and safely to meet the requirements.

Before you hang a rug on the wall, there are a few things you should think about.


When considering putting a rug on the wall, users should first measure the height and width of the carpet they intend to use – as the rug’s size matters the most. Then, compare its dimensions to the custom size of your wall because there should be wall space when rugs are placed on the wall.


The rugs should be stored away from direct sunlight as prolonged exposure can harm the vegetable dies in your rug. Moreover, hanging a rug near a heat source may also damage the rug’s sturdy fabrics.


The mounting of rugs should always be reversible without causing any damage to the carpet. If you prefer metal rods, paint them to prevent rust from transferring to the carpet.

Methods For Hanging

A rug on the wall becomes a work of art, highlighting its design far more than it would on the floor. There are numerous reasons why people prefer to hang their area rugs rather than put them on the floor, but the question here is how to hang a carpet on the wall.

Here we discuss different hanging methods that explain how to hang a rug on the wall.


The most popular and preferred method is using Velcro tape to hang your area rug on the wall. The sticky back Velcro or rod can be used successfully on heavy-weight carpets without causing harm to the rug.

Carpet Tack Strips

Carpet tack strips are wooden strips and have small bumps on them. The carpet tack strips3 have wood with nails that you drive into the floor, but in this case, the pins will be forced into the wall where the peaks face you.

Curtain Rod

The curtain rod is used in hanging an area rug on the wall. A heavy cotton strip can be tied onto the back of the carpet that converts into a tube shape for insertion, which should be attached near the rug’s top.

Carpet Clamps / Rug Clips

The clips or clamps method is the simplest and most secure method to hang a wall rug without having to attach any fixed loops, sticky adhesives, or using any casing method. The clamp method provides the most professional appearance, saves time, and is also called method safe.


How Do You Hang A Heavy Carpet On The Wall?

The casing is a very effective way to hang a carpet on the wall because it effectively distributes its weight and offers one of the safest and most secure wall fittings.

Can Carpet Be Used As Soundproofing?

Carpets are excellent sound absorbers because the piece of fabric, pile tufts, and underlay of carpets have different resonance frequencies at which they absorb sound.

Can I Staple The Carpet To A Wall?

Yes, you can staple carpet to a wall. Staples are a semi-permanent method of fastening carpet to a wood piece or drywall-covered garage wall.

Which Method Should I Use?

With little work, wall hangings can significantly alter the aesthetic of your room. Best of all, for those looking for a quick method to decorate their area, hanging a rug on a wall is ideal. Rug handling requires particular caution to protect the carpet and the wall from damage.

Hanging a rug on the wall is not that easy. Many museums, including The Textile Museum, today favor using the unique Velcro method to hang the rug on the wall, and heavy-weight carpets can be treated effectively using this technique.