Hair on Hide Rug

A Hair on Hide Rug Makes a True Style Statement

Elegance and sophistication shine through when you choose an interesting hair on hide rug in an exceptional variety of chic designs. Your rustic style is easily expressed with a choice from the deep pile hide rugs San Francisco loves to showcase in their homes and places of business. If you choose an elegant white hide rug, you’ll emanate real style flair and a sense of refinement that brings out the best in any room.

Important Considerations when Choosing Hair on Hide Rug San Francisco

Before you make your choice of the hide rugs San Francisco loves to use for creative expression that comes directly from Vaheed Taheri, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. Important things to consider include:

Depth of Pile – Depending on what type of room design you hope to create through the use of a hair on hide rug, the depth of the pile will play a role in whether your rug creates a rustic or sophisticated ambiance in the room

– Color Choices – While a genuine white hide rug exudes elegance, the other available color choices of hair on hide rugs from Vaheed Taheri can be used to accent existing color schemes or to create your own expressive scheme. Colorful choices include chartreuse, taupe, brown, black, ray, bronze, ivory, metallic and multi-color choices that always add flair

Pattern Choices – Choose from interesting patterns ranging from floral or leaf designs to optical illusions, circular or oval designs, or even geometric designs

The choice you make in a hair on hide rug is as individual as the space you are designing. Flair and personality are expressed through a brilliant selection of the hide rugs San Francisco loves to have. These rugs create an interesting focal point in any room.

Go Bold or Go Traditional with Hide Rugs San Francisco

Whether your room design style is crafted from pairings of bold color and inspired designs, or you take a more traditional route paying homage to time-honored room design styles, you’ll love the selection of hide rugs found at Vaheed Taheri. Bold and fascinating designs are available in a wealth of choices to inspire the imagination. Rug making practices used by Vaheed Taheri result in stylish rugs that are truly original and always inspirational.