Flat Weave Rugs San Francisco

Finding the Premium Quality Flat Weave Rugs San Francisco Home and Business Owners Love

If you’ve ever searched for high-quality Oriental and Persian rugs, you know that the biggest attractions are the beautiful colors, luxurious components of the weave, and the design used. The flat weave rugs San Francisco loves best have all these attractive components. They are also considered to be visually stunning works of art. Meticulously crafted and individually styled area rugs San Francisco loves to display in their homes and businesses are found through Vaheed Taheri.

Processes Used in Creating Enchanting Flat Weave Rugs

When searching for exceptional rug quality, you want to consider how they were crafted. Certain elements in their creation make them stand out in appearance and in how well they wear. Here are prime elements to look for:

Weave Quality – You want rugs that are created using specialized rug weaving techniques that are handed down through generations. Some techniques use a vertical loom, and others use a special graphing method to create a specific blueprint. Counting knots can help to distinguish true quality in the weaving process, but it’s not a 100 percent indicator of quality, just a guideline

Types of Dye Used – You may want to find out if synthetic dyes or natural dyes were used in the process of creating the handmade rugs San Francisco loves best. Natural dyes are derived from elements like pomegranate, larkspur, sumac, oak, and indigo. You’ll have to decide whether you want all-natural dyes used or synthetics. Natural dyes tend to age by fading slightly, giving the area rugs San Francisco searches for a specialized type of patina

Rug Design – Whether you go with repeated designs like geometric styles or floral designs, or rugs with borders and specialty designs like horsemen, deer, and elements found in nature, your design choices are as individual as the room you want to display your rug in

Buy Quality for the Most Satisfaction

No matter what type of handmade rugs San Francisco invests in, the important thing is to buy from a high quality, trusted source like Vaheed Taheri for the most satisfactory experience. The flat weave rugs San Francisco desires are easily found when you know what you want and when you can receive expert advice throughout the process.