Finest Tibetan Wool Rugs

Authentic Quality and Style is Found in the Finest Tibetan Wool Rugs

When you search for hand-crafted rugs that truly make a design statement of creativity and luxury, you won’t find better or more unique rug choices than the finest Tibetan wool rugs. Each rug is a virtual work of art, carefully crafted from the wool of Tibetan Highland sheep. This wool is renowned for being rich in lanolin, giving it a supremely soft texture and luxurious feel. Colors and designs available through Vaheed Taheri make these rugs into a statement, heirloom pieces for your home, along with being incredibly decorative and original.

Tibetan Rugs Have a Rich History

Used to decorate homes as well as to give Tibetan monks more comfortable places to sit, the finest Tibetan wool rugs have served unique and useful purposes as decorative art, as well as pieces that add extra elements of comfort to any home. You’ll find a brilliant selection of the area rugs San Francisco designers and homeowners appreciate through Vaheed Taheri. Artisan created Tibetan wool rugs can have any of these special design features:

Geometric Inspired Designs – Designs can range from thoughtfully repeated circles to a checkerboard pattern, circular, or stylish triangular designs

Medallion Decorative Styles – Styles that are based on authentic Chinese-styled medallions. Rugs can also feature designs based on themes of dragons, flowers, phoenixes, clouds, or other nature-inspired motifs

Rugs with Animal Themes – Based on the beautiful and intriguing fur patterns of animals like tigers and snow leopards, any stylish area rugs San Francisco likes to display in homes or businesses that feature these patterns create a true fashion statement

Designs and colors of fine Tibetan wool rugs can range from simple to exquisitely sophisticated. You’ll find that the authentic finest Tibetan wool rugs often come in colors inspired by nature’s unique dyes. Colors can often range from browns and grays to stylish yellow, soothing green, cool indigo blue, or even warm shades of red.

Make Your Decor Shine with True Style

The stylish area rugs San Francisco loves to display in homes and businesses enhance and rejuvenate any room decor. Besides adding a rich fashion sense to any room, you also know you’re getting value in well-made, finely crafted authentic Tibetan wool rugs. Interior designers as well as home and business owners always appreciate the fine craftsmanship and quality of hand-knotted Tibetan wool rugs.