15 Farmhouse Rug Ideas – Keep the Good Vibes of Your Home

When decorating with rugs, it’s important to keep the farmhouse style in mind. This decor style is well known for being warm and cozy. It’s relaxed and comfortable. Beautiful rugs can add more character to a house, but make sure to use these farmhouse rug ideas to keep the farmhouse vibes.

Braided Jute Rugs

A braided jute rug that uses a neutral color palette is perfect for completing any room, from farmhouse kitchens to a modern farmhouse dining room. The neutral colors that these natural rugs are known for make rooms cozy, adding to the farmhouse vibes. The natural fibers pair well with the wood that farmhouse decor is known for. Most of these rugs look traditional, which compliments the vintage and antique items.

The natural material is perfect for indoor use, making jute rugs one of the best farmhouse rug ideas. Jute doesn’t release harmful odors as synthetic rugs do. It holds up well to foot traffic, making it a great idea for high traffic areas like hallways. Jute is also known for being a pet friendly material!

The traditional look can be used for a variety of ideas. Drape jute rugs over chairs. Small rugs can be placed on top of or underneath accent tables. Large jute rugs are perfect underneath the dining room table or coffee tables.

Faded Oriental Rugs

Faded Oriental rugs instantly have a farmhouse vibe. Muted country blue coordinates exceptionally well with other farmhouse colors. A beautiful faded rug in tans, browns, and beiges will pair well with other rugs for farmhouse decor.

Rugs In A Beige Color

When selecting a solid color for a rug, consider a beige color. This will instantly look wonderful with a farmhouse design style. Homeowners can opt for a vintage or flatweave rug to complement the farmhouse style. However, a low pile rug in beige will still pair well with other decors.

Off-White Rugs

When considering other colors to combine with your farmhouse decor, look into off white rugs. Ivory colors help blend the traditional colors of farmhouse decor styles together to make rooms appear more inviting. These can be used as large area rugs in low traffic areas. Drape flatweave rugs over the back of old rocking chairs. Pick up a few small runners to use across long tables, too.

Use Rugs To Add A Touch Of Color

Farmhouse decor in brown and tan can be warm, but it tends to lack personality. Rugs are the perfect way to add more color to a room!

A criss-cross design complements this decor theme while adding more color to the space. Consider a design in charcoal grey with deep reds or burnt orange to bring more warmth into the room. Shades of brown, red, and orange always bring a sense of warmth into a living space.

Create Small Amounts Of Contrast

Woven rugs with touches of baby blue will add a nice contrast while still coordinating well with your current decor. However, it’s important to note that these rugs should have minimal contrasting colors. If there is too much contrasting color it will clash horribly with the farmhouse decor.

Layer Thin Rugs

When selecting a rug, it’s always important to consider pile height. High pile rugs don’t go well with farmhouse decor. Instead, opt for thin rugs.

Select several thin rugs of a similar size. Rugs in beige, browns, greens and other earthy tones are a great idea. Then, layer them on top of each other under the dining table to create a beautiful conversation piece. Dark brown rugs make a wonderful base rug!

Vintage Brown Rugs

Vintage brown rugs often contain shades of brown, beige, and ivory for a beautiful appearance. These rugs look wonderful against hardwood floors. Place them under large tables, such as dining room tables. Putting large vintage rugs in a living space is a great way to use them as a conversational piece.

Cowhide Rugs

If your farmhouse decor has a rustic, animal appeal to it, a cowhide rug will make the perfect conversational piece. Pick up large cowhide rugs to place in living spaces. Hang them on walls or drape them over chairs. Cowhide rugs in ivory or white and brown look wonderful when paired with dark hardwood floors.

Match Rugs To Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has a beauty that other types of flooring simply can’t compare to. Consider bringing more attention to hardwood flooring by matching your rug to your flooring. Use dark colors on dark hardwood flooring. Pair tan or light brown with light colored hardwood flooring to bring out its natural beauty.

Pick Up Small Rugs For Kitchen Mats

There are quite a few placement possibilities in a kitchen, but this is one of the best kitchen rug ideas. Pick up a few dark red or brown rugs at an affordable price. Place them in front of the kitchen sink or the stove to use them as functional decor.

Natural Fibers

Natural fiber helps create an earthy appeal that is the perfect finishing touch in a farmhouse living room. Wool, cotton, and jute rugs are all natural fibers, making them the perfect choice. These natural elements help transform every farmhouse home into a rustic retreat.

Floral Patterns

A floral pattern adds a cozy appeal that goes hand in hand with farmhouse decor. Consider floral patterns that coordinate with existing decor. Use a floral bath mat in your bathroom to match existing drapes. Purchase a large area rug to create the perfect centerpiece in your farmhouse living room. These rugs are guaranteed to make a farmhouse living room more inviting than it already is.

Rugs With Tassles

Rugs with tassles tend to complement a farmhouse living room perfectly. Farmhouse interiors are known for being relaxed and cozy. The tasseled edges of a rug pairs perfectly with the relaxed atmosphere in a home with this decorating scheme.

Blue Medallion Rugs

Select a hand-knotted rug with faded shades of blue and ivory with a medallion theme to combine a traditional, vintage appeal with the farmhouse color scheme. Large rugs with medallion patterns pair perfectly with farmhouse interiors if they are in the right color scheme.

Finding the perfect hand-knotted rug to coordinate with a farmhouse living room is much easier thanks to our vast collection of beautiful handmade rugs. Browse our collection today to find the perfect rug for your home!