Elegant & Luxury Contemporary Wool Rugs San Francisco

Vaheed Taheri Supplies the Elegant and Luxury Contemporary Wool Rugs San Francisco Desires

Handcrafted designer wool rugs SF that are also pieces of art can be challenging to find, except in San Francisco, where they’re readily available through Vaheed Taheri. Elegance and luxury go hand in hand in choices of over 400 different wool rug patterns, along with a wealth of colors to choose from. You’ll even find a choice of materials ranging from Chinese silk to Tibetan and Himalayan Wool, along with natural and renewable materials that are hand-carded and hand-spun.

A True Art to Tibetan Rugs Bay Area.

Connoisseurs of finely designed contemporary wool rugs San Francisco love discovering that rugs available through Vaheed Taheri can be commissioned in any shape, size, thickness, design style and material content. This ensures that any rug handmade and supplied by Vaheed Taheri will truly be a one-of-a-kind piece of home art. Not only will the rug fit perfectly into your unique home decor and complement your color palette, you’ll also know that great care went into its creation. Here are some of the other outstanding qualities of an authentic Vaheed Taheri wool rug:

Different Rug Weaving Techniques – The use of facets of rug weaving like handmade Tibetan knots and other looping and hand knotting techniques assures originality in design. Professional weavers use graphs to help them decide where colors and knots should go

Custom Rugs of All Sizes – Your personalized rug is made to specifically fit the space you want your rug to fill, or to accentuate your space if an area rug is chosen

Color and Design Choices Express Individual Style – Your individually commissioned rug from Vaheed Taheri can be custom tailored in many colors, ranging from brown to orange, gold, red, light blue, dark red and others. With over 400 patterns ranging from floral to geometric to symmetrical, designs will be unique

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Vaheed Taheri guarantees you’ll be satisfied with your uniquely created, one of a kind expression of wool rug artwork. Your needs and concerns are addressed before rug creation begins

Exceptional Quality – Quality that you’ll proudly display in your home, knowing that your exceptional new rug was tailored just for your home

Worth waiting for your Tibetan Rugs Bay Area

A hand-crafted wool rugs SF from Vaheed Taheri may take up to 16 weeks to complete, but the artisan style and exceptional quality are worth waiting for. The incredible feel of pure wool, custom-designed rugs beneath your feet, and the look of high-quality wool rugs SF that complete your room design add immensely to any room decor.