Eastern Zen – Extraordinary Area Rugs in San Francisco

Area Rugs San Francisco

From an initial rug concept and budding idea to the finished work of art, you want the area rugs in your home to reflect a sense of Eastern Zen while showcasing exceptional quality and artistic skill. To get this result, you need the skill and expertise of true rug-making artists and textile designers who know exactly how to express your unique style in the area rugs San Francisco found in your home. If you’re lucky enough to find rug designers who have also been featured in some of the world’s leading magazine publications, you’ve discovered true gems!

Classic San Francisco Area Rugs.

There are many fascinating facets that go into creating a rug that showcases the perfect amount of Eastern Zen thoughtfully blended with memorable colors, weaves, designs and finishes. The biggest attraction is how the rug speaks to you personally once it’s finished. If it creates some heart fluttering, it has done its job! Other facets that go into Traditional Rugs San Francisco making include:

Choice of Material – Materials rugs are made from can make the rugs truly exceptional, whether they’re crafted from pure wool, silk, rugged cotton or other fibers

Plans for Weaving – An artist must have a specific plan, similar to a blueprint, for the final product to turn out its best. Plans can be created as a rough drawing to a more specific drawing that has been carefully placed on graph paper

Color Choices – In wool rugs especially, choices of color can make the rug pop with unforgettable style. Wool is first washed and then spun, and then infused with the color that will make it look its most lustrous and dynamic. Color is a critical choice no matter what material a rug is made from because it’s the most memorable component when people look at a rug

Design Choice – Whether you go with modern geometric designs, traditional floral patterns, or even symmetrical repeated patterns, your choice of design will make the rug truly stand out in any room it’s featured in

Your Traditional Area Rugs San Francisco

A talented rug artisan will create the rug of your dreams, one that you’ll be proud to showcase in your home, at a price that works well within your budget. Your rug will feature that distinctive look, an interesting pattern of knots, just the right thickness of pile, and color combinations that make your extraordinary area rug a true work of art. Rugs that have that uniquely Eastern Zen are truly prized in today’s homes. A must-visit, the famous San Francisco Area Rugs.