Contract Carpet

Contract Carpet

Unique Contract Carpet is Easier to Choose from an Exceptional Designer

Truly individualized and custom-tailored expressions of style are possible by making a smart selection from your many contract carpet choices. So many businesses and shared areas like hotel lobbies can begin to look the same after a while with basic colors and patterns that are not exciting. With a smart, well-thought-out choice from the San Francisco rug collection offered by Vaheed Taheri, you’ll be able to stand out and be noticed.

A Truly Unique Choice

A superior quality unique choice in contract carpet from Vaheed Taheri gives you advantages like these:

Huge Variety of Color Choices – You can choose bright tones like bright orange or red to inspire, to create a lively feeling in a room, or to make specific furnishings stand out. Softer more subdued tones like silver or blue create a relaxing, soothing vibe to put people at ease

Many Material Choices – Ranging from simple wool, linen or cotton, to more sophisticated choices like silk, aloe, or jute. The material you choose can create a chic or relaxed ambiance

Inspired Design Choices – Rugs from the premiere San Francisco rug collection from Vaheed Taheri come in a variety of truly inspired design options. Choose from geometric designs to floral, stripes, or even a checkered look to make the unique statement you wish to make

The bold and amazing color and pattern choices you find through Vaheed Taheri are one-of-a-kind, exceptional and give you the opportunity to showcase your individual design flair. You’ll always make the right choice with chic and stylish contract carpet from the San Francisco rug collection.

Change the Mood of a Room Through Carpet Choices

Something as simple as a smart carpet choice completely alters the impact a room has on people’s moods and on their perceptions of the interior area you’re highlighting. People often don’t even realize the impact their surroundings can have on their moods. This can give you advantages that let you create a more positive, inspirational, and uplifting space that people will want to spend time in.