Contract Carpet San Francisco

Luxury Contract Carpet San Francisco

Effortlessly Add Style to Any Room with Classic Rugs San Francisco Admires

When you have the superior skill and artistic talents of professional textile designers helping to create the contract carpet San Francisco businesses and homes want to use to make a stylish statement, the end result is always an excellent choice. The classic rugs San Francisco loves to showcase as stunning accent pieces are carefully created blending extraordinary artistic talent, special color selections, unique material choices, and weave patterns that are distinctive. Professionally designed and created rugs from Vaheed Taheri take these rug crafting talents and unique traits to another level.

Hallmarks of Classically Designed Rug Creations

There are several distinguishing features that set Vaheed Taheri rug creations from other rugs. The art of Eastern Zen is brilliantly combined with modern design creations for the one-of-a-kind classic rugs San Francisco loves. Extraordinary thoughtfulness and care go into each uniquely created rug. Hallmarks of well-designed rugs from Vaheed Taheri include:

– Brilliant Array of Design and Color Choices – You’ll always find a wide variety of choices when it comes to rug colors and patterns

– Unique Weave Selections – Weave choices range from classic Tibetan knotting to varied styles of hand-knotting and looping to create depth, luxurious pile, and unrivaled thickness

– Various Sizes to Choose – You can choose standard sizes like 8′ X 10′ or 5′ x 7′, or custom order exactly the size you need to fit perfectly in your room

Every Vaheed Taheri rug will inspire compliments and rave reviews in any room they are featured in. Be ready for people to ask where you ordered the contract carpet San Francisco businesses and homes love featuring that artistical accent any style of decor.

The Professional Difference

You will immediately notice and love the inspired look of professionally designed and uniquely created classic rugs San Francisco needs to add warmth and depth to well-designed rooms. The best choice is artistically designed and crafted rugs. They effortlessly add a new dimension of style and sophistication to any room.