Classic Designer Rugs San Francisco

Classic Designer Rugs San Francisco Features Artfully Inspired Rug Designs

When you take on the task of decorating your home, you hope that you’ll be able to express your unique personality and sense of style. The area rugs San Francisco chooses are from Vaheed Taheri, and they’re works of art tailored to express your individualism and good taste. The entire look of a room is uplifted and dramatically enhanced with one simple visit to your Designer Rugs San Francisco.

What Sets the Rugs SF Loves Apart from all others

You can take one look at rugs from the rug retailer people rely on for artful appeal and design excellence and realize that these rugs truly are different from all others. Here are a few of the unique features of handcrafted rugs from Vaheed Taheri:

Commissioned Individually – You can custom order any size, thickness, color, material, or shape of your rug. Each rug truly is a work of art, personally designed for your needs

Interesting Color Choices – Background colors can range from neutral beige or taupe to light blue, with the bold addition of accent colors like orange, gold, red, dark blue, black and brown

Custom Woven – The area rugs San Francisco turns to for originality are custom woven in weaving techniques like hand knotting and looping to create various textures. Handweaving by rug artisans ensures rugs that are unlike all others

Fascinating Designs – Whether you choose geometric designs, abstract, floral or classical, individual style is guaranteed. Choose an optical illusion style for something incredibly different, or choose to have a rug crafted based on a piece of your artwork for bold originality

Material Choices – The rugs SF chooses most often for authenticity and exceptional quality are hand crafted from materials like jute, aloe, linen, 100 percent Himalayan or Tibetan wool, or Chinese silk

Classic Designer Rugs San Francisco truly does give you options to create the rug of your dreams. Handcrafting can take from 12 to 16 weeks, but customers and handmade rug aficionados agree that they’re always worth waiting for.

When Your Choice is Originality</3>

The rug retailer turned to most often for completely original creations makes sure every rug handcrafted for your enjoyment is truly a one-of-a-kind work of art. You’ll be proud to display and use these rugs in your home, confident in the knowledge that your area rugs or room rugs are 100 percent original creations. For personal design perfection and flawless results, the area rugs San Francisco loves are found through Vaheed Taheri.