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Texture Rugs San Francisco

Add Fashionable Flair with the Texture Rugs San Francisco Loves Adding a contemporary flair and a unique element to any room design is easily accomplished by featuring the texture rugs San Francisco home and business owners turn to for the perfect blending of high quality and sophisticated style, readily available through Vaheed Taheri. Texture rugs… Read More

Handmade Tibetan Wool Rugs by Vaheed Taheri

Exceptional Handmade Tibetan Wool Rugs by Vaheed Taheri One of the best fashion statements in any home or business is clearly made by featuring authentic Tibetan wool rugs. Gloriously colored and thoughtfully handmade rugs by Vaheed Taheri supply an extra element of flair in the home. The contract carpet San Francisco businesses love to feature… Read More

Antique Rugs San Francisco

The Antique Rugs San Francisco Loves Add Smart Elements of Style Adding eye-catching attractiveness to any room and creating an aura of true style is easier with the antique rugs San Francisco home and business owners’ treasure. These stylish room additions come in a variety of materials, from pure wool to an artistic blending of… Read More

Large Floor Rugs San Francisco

Factors that go into Choosing Luxury Large Floor Rugs San Francisco With over 400 attractive patterns to choose from and a large variety of color and size choices, it’s little wonder that the most original and intriguing large floor rugs San Francisco loves having in homes and businesses come from Vaheed Taheri. Exclusivity in design… Read More

Moroccan Rugs San Francisco by Vaheed Taheri

Moroccan Rugs San Francisco At the Vaheed Taheri’s Moroccan Rugs San Francisco Collection we are proud to present some of the best quality Moroccan Rugs and most beautiful Moroccan Rug Designs from our I’m Moroccan collection. For the last few years, we have tried and developed so many texture and technics of weaving in order… Read More

Contemporary Rugs San Francisco

Looking for contemporary rugs San Francisco? Vaheed Taheri can offer a dizzying array of contemporary rug examples that will make one thing very clear: When it comes to decorating contemporary homes, there is no question that a contemporary rug can make for a brilliant addition. Beyond Vaheed Taheri collections that are designed to appeal to… Read More

How are Tibetan Rugs San Francisco Made?

How are Tibetan Rugs San Francisco Made? When you start searching for the right rug for your home, you’re going to come across a variety of different types and styles from Persian to Tibetan. If you’re looking for a style that is going to offer you the perfect amount of texture along with longevity, Tibetan… Read More

Why Home Owners Need Rugs – Rug San Francisco

Rug San Francisco If you’re in the market for a rug San Francisco, it’s time that you consider pieces that you can buy outside of traditional home hardware stores. When you decide that rug is the right item to put into a room, you’ll want to make sure that it sets the right appeal, creates… Read More

The Importance of Modern Rugs San Francisco

Modern Rugs San Francisco A rug is the perfect way to liven up a space and to add definition to your existing floor. If you’re working towards a modern aesthetic in your home or office, it’s important that you stray away from traditional designs and focus on modern rugs San Francisco. With the brilliant details… Read More

Vaheed Taheri Made to Order Modern Rug Collection

Vaheed Taheri Made to Order Modern Rug Collection DESIGN: When designing a Vaheed Taheri Rug Collection you’ll have best quality modern rugs and limitless options in terms of design, color, texture, size and content (Handmade wool rug – Handmade wool and silk rug – Handmade Tibetan wool rug – Handmade silk rug), or you can… Read More

Luxury Hair on Hide Rug San Francisco

Cowhides (Hair on Hide Rugs) are elegant and stylish accent pieces and they often contribute to a more inviting and casual atmosphere without compromising on elegance. A beautiful Hair on hide rug can be a very beautiful focal point in a room and also a very chic detail for the décor. Our Hair on hide… Read More

Traditional Rugs San Francisco

Khotan rugs and carpets were produced in the oasis town of Eastern Turkestan and North of Afghanistan. This area has had a steady production of carpets since the 17th century, peaking in the 18th and 19th centuries. Khotan rugs and carpets tend to be geometric drawings with color palettes of rich colors to soft pastels…. Read More

Modern Tibetan Mohair Rugs San Francisco

Vaheed Taheri’s exclusive Tibetan Mohair yarn is a 100% Mohair. Mohair is sheared from Angora goats
 and is truly an exquisite fiber with a delicate, warm appearance and rich luster. It’s the second strongest
natural fiber behind horse mane hair, giving it the “Deliciously soft” distinction. Mohair produced yarns have
 a halo-like glow and has the… Read More