5 Moroccan Style Rugs To Know

This Moroccan rug adds a unique, exotic touch to any room! Handcrafted with natural dyes and traditional techniques, this rug is perfect for bringing a touch of boho style to your home

Moroccan-inspired rugs have been in the marketplace for centuries, and now they have become a staple in modern yet chic households. On top of that, they are great for adding a touch of classiness and warmth to your living spaces. They also make a beautiful and bold statement piece, which is why they are probably […]

Decorating with Modern Contemporary Rug Style

This contemporary rug features a unique, modern design that will add a touch of sophistication and style to any home. Its bold colors, quality construction, and soft texture make it a great choice for any room. Shop now and add a little flair to your décor.

Contemporary rugs are well known for their bolder colors, bold patterns, and modern appeal. You can find contemporary rugs in both natural materials and synthetic. Contemporary simply refers to the primary pattern of the rug. If you’ve picked up a modern, contemporary rug or want one, these decorating tips will help you make your home […]

How To Choose The Best Rugs And Carpets For Your Bedroom

Queen Size Bedroom Rug

There is nothing quite like the sensation of a soft velvety rug beneath your toes. A new carpet can drastically update the appearance of your bedroom, regardless of whether you are remodeling the entire space or making some minor adjustments. Besides that, a comfortable rug is essential so you may step on a warm, soft […]

What Is The Best Rug Size For A Queen-Sized Bedroom

luxury bedroom rug

  Your bedroom is your private sanctuary. It is where you return after a hard work day, fulfilling all your duties and responsibilities. As such, many people invest a lot of effort into making their bedrooms the perfect personal space that helps them feel relaxed and welcomed. You deserve this, too! And a good rug […]

Rug Sizes Chart

Rug Size Chart

Rugs are an essential addition to your home as they play a role in improving both the aesthetic and functionality of a room. They reduce noise, anchor furniture, warm up your space, protect your floor from damage, and are much easier clean. Rugs can be laid in different parts of your house like the kitchen, […]

Rugs As Wall Hangings: How To Hang Your Carpet?

Rugs As Wall Hangings How To Hang Your Carpet

Your room will look stunning with a rug. Rugs can serve as a fantastic piece of wall art for your room in addition to helping with floor decor. Rugs are adaptable decorations with a variety of uses. The advantages of hanging a rug are numerous, much like the advantages of floor rugs. They feel warm […]

What Is A Kilim Rug?

What Is A Kilim Rug

To raise aesthetics and add an ethnic element to your home, consider opting for handmade rugs as they come in a variety of different colors and sharp patterns. Among the many handmade types, Kilim rugs are an excellent option. But one must first understand what is Kilim and what is a kilim rug. Kilim describes […]

What Is A Hand-Tufted Rug?

What Is A Hand-Tufted Rug

Rugs and carpets are one of the most aesthetic elements of home décor. They add elegance and taste to the space. They can effortlessly brighten up a room and give comfort and warmth to those who walk in it. Among them, hand-made rugs are the most delicate ones. There are two common types of hand-made […]

Hand Woven Vs Hand Knotted: Everything You Need to Know

Hand Woven Vs Hand Knotted Everything You Need to Know

Although hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs sound similar and are both made by hand, they have significant differences. It can be difficult to tell the difference between a hand-woven rug and a hand-knotted rug if you are new to carpets. The primary distinction between hand-knotted vs. handwoven rugs is that a hand-knotted rug could be a […]

How to Wrap a Rug for Shipping

How to Wrap a Rug for Shipping

If you run a rugs and carpets business, you’ll need to know about the shipping process. Packaging a rug improperly can ruin its fabric, resulting in permanent creases, dried brittles, and cuts. Whether you’re packing a rug for shipping, storage, or transporting, here is everything you need to know. This article explains the packaging process […]