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Loving Persian Rugs made in San Francisco

Making a Perfect Choice in the Persian Rugs San Francisco Loves Expert designers of the Persian rugs San Francisco home and business owners love to use their vast talent combined with inspirational ideas to create the most unique and fashionable area and room rugs available. Many designers have traveled across the continents using worldwide influences… Read More

Broadloom San Francisco

Loving the Way Your Home or Business Looks with Broadloom San Francisco Loves Broadloom hand-crafted and hand-braided rugs add just the extra elements of panache and distinctive style to any room. The carpeting in the style of broadloom San Francisco loves to showcase in businesses and homes comes directly from Vaheed Taheri studios. These experts… Read More

Persian Rugs San Francisco Bay Area

The Persian Rugs San Francisco Loves in Virtually Unlimited Choices Any color type, design type, and size of the Persian rugs San Francisco loves are found through trusted sources like Vaheed Taheri. With Persian rugs you have almost limitless options and choices, so you can select rugs that always enhance your decor. Whether you’re searching… Read More

Contract Carpet San Francisco

Luxury Contract Carpet San Francisco Effortlessly Add Style to Any Room with Classic Rugs San Francisco Admires When you have the superior skill and artistic talents of professional textile designers helping to create the contract carpet San Francisco businesses and homes want to use to make a stylish statement, the end result is always an… Read More

Vintage Rug Collection San Francisco

Stunning Vintage Rug Collection San Francisco The Best Features of These Bold Delightful Vintage Rug Collection Through Vaheed Taheri, you’ll find bold and unique rugs that are one-of-a-kind works of art. Some of the best features of the antique rugs San Francisco loves to include: – Geometric Patterns – Pattern choices that are individually created… Read More

Handmade Oriental Rug Dealers San Francisco

An Exceptional Choice from the Oriental Rug Dealers San Francisco Trusts Knowledgeable rug buyers know that authentic Oriental rugs add true elements of unique design style to their rooms, whether these rugs are featured in homes or in a business environment. Getting exceptional rugs from the Oriental rug dealers San Francisco trusts, Vaheed Taheri, is… Read More

Tibetan Wool Rugs

Unique Tibetan Wool Rugs Add Elements of Design Flair to Any Decor Many home and business owners choose to display authentic Tibetan wool rugs to beautifully accent their carefully designed rooms for good reasons. These rugs are unique, one-of-a-kind masterpieces created by skilled and talented artisans. No two rugs are ever exactly alike, which is… Read More

Oriental Rug Dealers San Francisco

Oriental Rug Dealers San Francisco Perfectly Accent and Complement Any Design Scheme with the Oriental Rugs San Francisco Loves Uniquely artistic and professionally designed rugs are the specialty of the oriental rug dealers San Francisco trusts, the pros from Vaheed Taheri. Experts strive to deliver exactly the style, color, weave, and sizes of oriental rugs… Read More

Luxury Traditional Rugs San Francisco

Create the Rooms of Your Dreams with the Traditional Rugs San Francisco Loves Few other decorative elements can truly make an area stand out with design flair like the traditional rugs San Francisco homes and businesses love to use as decorative accents. Traditional rugs from the San Francisco rug collection found through Vaheed Taheri give… Read More

Persian Rugs San Francisco

The Persian Rugs San Francisco Loves Stand Apart in Uniqueness and Beauty Weaving uniquely colored and styled Persian rugs is a critical part of everyday Iranian life. It’s a special quality that has been and continues to be unique to its culture. The highest quality Persian rugs San Francisco residents and business owners love purchasing… Read More

SFO Rug Collection

Luxury SFO Rug collection Freedom of Design Choice in this San Francisco Rug Collection Creates Customized Looks for Rooms The key to creating a truly customized, personalized look in any room when it comes to choosing rugs from your new favorite San Francisco rug collection is the freedom and flexibility of choice in design styles,… Read More

Hand-Knotted Rugs San Francisco

Beautiful Hand-Knotted Rugs San Francisco Accent Any Area Indoors or Outdoors with the Handmade Rugs San Francisco Loves Whether you’re hoping to find the hand-knotted rugs San Francisco likes using to beautify an indoor area, or you want to find rugs that perfectly accent and add comfort to an outdoor space, the handmade rugs San… Read More

Handmade Rugs Bay Area

Beautiful Handmade Rugs Bay Area If you’ve ever walked into a room featuring a handmade rug, you might have had a moment of awe. You probably noticed the artistry, craftsmanship, uniqueness, and attention to detail that made that rug stand apart from others. The handmade rugs Bay Area residents and businesses rely on to create… Read More

Hair on Hide Rug

A Hair on Hide Rug Makes a True Style Statement Elegance and sophistication shine through when you choose an interesting hair on hide rug in an exceptional variety of chic designs. Your rustic style is easily expressed with a choice from the deep pile hide rugs San Francisco loves to showcase in their homes and… Read More

Rugs and Carpets San Francisco

The Most Unique Rugs and Carpets San Francisco Can Find When you’re paying extra attention to the design of your room, it pays to make a choice from the most unique rugs and carpets San Francisco can find from Vaheed Taheri. A well-chosen rug can make the room pop with style and flair and draw… Read More

Rugs and Carpets San Francisco

Rugs and Carpets San Francisco The Rugs and Carpets San Francisco Loves are Custom Designed Designing the rugs and carpets San Francisco loves to showcase in homes and businesses is an involved process done with a genuine affection for creativity. The end result is always a custom-made, individually designed rug with input from Vaheed Taheri,… Read More

Area Rugs San Francisco that have symmetry in design

View our wide selection of handmade area rugs in San Francisco. Area rugs that feature symmetry in design have some real benefits, not the least of which is that they’re pleasing to the eye. Symmetrical area rugs add extra elements of panache and style to any room and feature several different design pattern similarities that… Read More

View our Luxury Modern Rugs San Francisco

Specialized in Traditional Rugs San Francisco. One thing that makes a room come to life in a dramatically beautiful way is a custom-designed Modern Rug San Francisco like those created and designed by Vaheed Taheri. These exceptional, exclusive, and rare rugs found in San Francisco are created by a designer with a unique view of… Read More

Elegant Contemporary Rugs San Francisco

Elegant Contemporary Rugs San Francisco The art of weaving rugs dates to many moons ago. The technique is still common these days amongst most interior designers. Area rugs not only provide maximum protection against a floor finish but also make a room very attractive to live in. However, the biggest drawback with traditional rugs is… Read More

Designer Rugs San Francisco

As far as designer rugs San Francisco are concerned, it’s important to remember that you have options. You do not have to settle for anything less than what you absolutely know you want. What this means is that when it comes to shopping for rugs for your home or office, you are in complete control… Read More