Broadloom San Francisco

Loving the Way Your Home or Business Looks with Broadloom San Francisco Loves

Broadloom hand-crafted and hand-braided rugs add just the extra elements of panache and distinctive style to any room. The carpeting in the style of broadloom San Francisco loves to showcase in businesses and homes comes directly from Vaheed Taheri studios. These experts begin creating rugs in the studio and the unique creation continues through to the beautiful end product. The contract carpet San Francisco businesses love that show great taste and unique style always comes from Vaheed Taheri.

Rugs Designed to Your Specifications

These pros specialize in handcrafting and hand-weaving techniques that create the originality you desire. Other things paid attention to include:

– Specialty Sizes – Whether you need standard sizes like 8 x 10 or 9 x 12, or you’d like to have your rug made to a specific size so it fits perfectly within your decor, pros from Vaheed Taheri listen to your needs and create the perfect broadloom San Francisco loves

– Unique Color Schemes –Whether you choose traditional colors in beige, green, blue or brown ranges, or go with brighter hues like vibrant orange, bright yellow, or deep crimson, Vaheed Taheri creates the contract carpet San Francisco loves to your specifications

– Various Weaves – You choose the tightness or loose quality of weave in your uniquely designed carpet

Pros from Vaheed Taheri are known for being personable, friendly, and for paying attention to the small details to create exactly the broadloom San Francisco loves featuring in homes and businesses. They truly listen to create the rug that blends perfectly into your decor.

The Finest Materials Used

Vaheed Taheri is always dedicated to using the finest materials possible to create the contract carpet San Francisco relies on for excellence. Carpet artisans use materials ranging from pure Himalayan wool to authentic Chinese silk, jute, cotton blends, or fine linen for consistently exceptional results. You’ll love the way your home or business looks with authentic broadloom carpet from Vaheed Taheri.