Custom Design Rugs San Francisco

Vaheed Taheri Studio is one of the few rug design houses with the best quality custom rugs in San Francisco, (handmade modern Tibetan rugs) with 100% control over the rug making process.
Over the years, we’ve perfected our processes to ensure that the custom (modern design, contemporary and/or classic) rug we deliver is the rug you imagined and created. Our unique and personalized design process includes ensuring quality and color, hand rendering, digital renderings and quick sample strike-offs to eliminate the learning curve and ensure satisfaction with the final product.
What sets us apart from other rug makers in San Francisco



Vaheed Taheri Rug Collection consists of more than 400 patterns ranging in style from vintage to contemporary and modern to traditional rugs as well as custom designs for specific projects. All designs can be tailored or altered for production. We can also produce original artwork or assist the designer to develop a unique design vision.

Size for your space

Vaheed Taheri Handmade Rugs can be commissioned in any size, shape, content and thickness. Our showrooms also stock some inventory in standard sizes for immediate delivery. Standard sizes for handmade rugs are: 6’x 9′, 8’x 10′, 9’x 12′, 10’x 14′, 12’x 15′, 12’x 16′, 12’x 18′, runners, round and square.

Color Options

The Vaheed Taheri Rug Collection features a range of standard and custom color-ways and combinations that can be tailored to complement any palette. There is unlimited opportunity to custom color any of our designs.


Vaheed Taheri Rugs are produced with the finest hand-spun, hand carded Tibetan wool (Himalayan wool) and Chinese silk (real silk) and other natural and renewable materials are available upon request.


Vaheed Taheri rugs are produced with Tibetan knots to achieve a luxurious look as well as a highly durable weave. Additional variations in texture can be achieved through a broad range of hand looping and hand knotting techniques as well using different content.

Lead Time

Vaheed Taheri Rugs has one of the fastest lead time in the contemporary Tibetan handmade rugs field. Our lead time is 12 to 14 weeks and if you need sample strike off, lead time will be from 14 to 16 weeks.

If you have questions or just want to learn more about rug design, stop by our exciting and innovative San Francisco (Vaheed Taheri Rug Collection) showroom. We have many rugs and samples to inspire imagination. Our in-house experts ensure the best service every step of the way to bring your vision to life. Attention to detail and care makes Vaheed Taheri Studio the ultimate choice for creative floor covering.