Best Decorating Tips for your Bedroom Rug Placement


The perfect bedroom rug placement can easily make your bedroom look stylish. These interior decorating tips will instantly make your bedroom appear flawless as they add finesse to an otherwise boring bedroom. It doesn’t matter how much furniture you have or the size of your bedroom, these rug placement tips are exactly what you need to make your bedroom represent your personality.

Place A Rug Under Your Bed

You can place a rug underneath the bed in both a larger bedroom and a smaller bedroom.

Make sure that the rug is large enough to sit underneath the bed with approximately 12-18 inches left on each side. All of the furniture legs should sit on the rug. This decorating tip will make bedrooms feel cozy.

If you accidentally order a rug that is not the right size, you can still make it work. Push the bed against the wall so that the headboard is flush with the wall. Then, place the rug under the bottom half of the bed for a stylish, modern appeal.

Placing rugs at an angle underneath the bed is another common design idea. It tends to go outside of the norm, instantly giving the bedroom a unique look that most people will love. Unique ideas such as this one make rooms appear more fashionable.

Place Small Rugs Underneath Bedside Tables

Adorable accent rugs are perfect for placing underneath small pieces of furniture. If you have two tables beside the bed, pick up small rugs that are the same shape as the table. For example, a circular table will look best sitting on top of a circular rug. The same applies to a square or rectangular table. The rug needs to be larger than the table itself.

Avoid Placing Rugs On Top Of Each Other

It’s important not to layer rugs in the bedroom or place them too close together. For example, if there is a rug placed underneath the bed, do not place rugs beside the bed as well. When there are rugs underneath bedside tables, another accent rug at the foot of the bed would be appropriate.

Consider Bedroom Furniture Layouts

Where furniture is placed can help you determine where to place a rug. Rearrange the furniture in your bedroom to try different layouts and different rug placements. Spacious bedrooms are packed with opportunities to explore different looks until you find one that is the perfect reflection of you.

Take the time to try out all sorts of bedroom layouts. Spacious bedrooms are packed with opportunities to try out different furniture placement in bedrooms. A rug should not take up the entire space. At the same time, furniture also should not take up the entire space.

Measurements Are Important

Bedroom rug placement design is important to make the entire room look wonderful. Considering the size of your bedroom is important so that you make sure the rug is not too large or too small.

Typically, area rugs placed beside beds do not look good in a bedroom. However, this idea works out wonderfully in a large master bedroom. If there is enough space in a bedroom, an area rug can be placed almost anywhere. Likewise, small rugs tend to look better in smaller-sized bedrooms.

Place Rugs Under Key Pieces To Create An Inviting Space

Plush rugs are wonderful for creating a central space in the room. Place a rug underneath an entertainment center or accent tables to make the room appear inviting.  Small rugs are a great, budget-friendly option to create the atmosphere that you would like.

Divide Larger Spaces With Rugs

While this decorating idea is commonly seen in living spaces with open floor plans, it can also be used in large bedrooms that are used for multiple things. Transform your spacious bedroom into a functional space by designating areas for different things.

Place a hand knotted Turkish rug in a classic design underneath a desk to create a work corner. Transform a bare floor into a complete makeup and hair space with a faux fur rug underneath a vanity. As you organize your room, you will slowly create a feeling of balance and harmony.

Underneath Accent Chairs

If your bedroom has accent furniture, such as a beautiful armchair, that is the perfect place to put a rug. When you place rugs underneath accent pieces, it brings more attention to them. This creates a luxurious feel that you are going to love when you set foot into your bedroom.

At The Foot Of The Bed

Placing a small runner at the foot of the bed instantly adds more appeal to a room. If there is accent furniture at the end of the bed, such as an ottoman or bench, it’s important to keep the measurements of the furniture in mind when ordering a rug. The rug should be larger than the piece of furniture yet smaller in width than the bed.

Typically, this would be a small accent rug or runner in a rectangular shape. The runner should be neatly centered at the foot of the bed, and should not be the same width as the bed. Pick up an oriental rug in a beautiful accent color or a gorgeous fur rug to truly make your bedroom gorgeous.

In Conclusion

The perfect rug placement can be used to create balance in a large bedroom, add a burst of style, or simply add comfort to a room. Keep these rug placement ideas in mind to achieve the look that you want.

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