20 Great Bedroom Rug Ideas to Make Your Space Cozier


Bedroom rugs can instantly transform your bedroom. Take it from cold to cozy with fur rugs. Create a chic bedroom or add color with modern designs. Creating the look and feel that you want in a bedroom is as easy as choosing the perfect rug idea! These are some of the best rug ideas that you need to consider when decorating your bedroom.

Know The Effect You Want Your Rug To Have

Some people prefer having a small rug beside the bed in their master bedroom to avoid touching the cold floor in the morning. Others enjoy a plush rug that makes their apartment look more like a luxury apartment. Perhaps you want a rug to add more decor to your master bedroom. Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to know what you want to achieve before deciding which bedroom rug idea will work best for you.

Bring A Master Bedroom Together With A Large Area Rug

Large area rugs are perfect for a master bedroom. These rugs often overpower the space when placed in small bedrooms, but can truly help bring together a color scheme in a master bedroom. Select a large rug to place under the bed to add style, complement your current decorating scheme, and make sure that you don’t have to walk on cold wooden floors in the morning.

Create A Contemporary Bedroom

Cover wooden floors with rugs that have a contemporary aesthetic to instantly calm down your bedroom. The soft lines and colors of beige, white, and grey that are used in contemporary design instantly create a soothing ambiance that will make the room feel relaxing.

Place A Small Bedroom Mat Underneath Wall Lamps

Wall lamps are still stylish, but you can make them truly stand out by making them a focal point of the room. To do this, opt for a rug that complements the current color scheme in the room. The rug should be a half circle so that it sits flush against the wall. Then, simply place it underneath the lamps that are nestled into the wall.

Add Color With A Geometric Pattern

A rug that is full of vibrant color will truly pop against a monochromatic color scheme! Pick up a large rug in a modern pattern to add energy to the entire space. Opt for bright colors or deep blues and purples to add more aesthetic appeal to your bedroom instantly.

Morrocan Rugs Are Perfect For Boho Bedrooms

These rugs are always created by hand, which means that they can last significantly longer than synthetic rugs. They are well-known for their tribal designs and the inclusion of various shapes. Select one in neutral colors and place it under your bed to enjoy a beautiful bedroom with a natural appeal.

When placing a rug under the bed, don’t forget to make sure that the rug is the right size. Rugs that are placed under beds are supposed to extend beyond the bed by a foot. They should not be several feet wider than the bed.

Layer Stylish Rugs On Furniture

This is one of the most popular bedroom decor tips and for good reason. Layering rugs on bedroom furniture is an easy way to create a beautiful bedroom design that everyone else doesn’t have. You can use this to give your bedroom color or to create a cozy environment.

Bedroom area rugs are often too large for this idea. Instead, stick with small shag rugs, circular fur rugs or medium sized Morrocan rugs. Then, drape them over tables, accent chairs, or your bed during the day.

This decor idea can be used with any bedroom, but it’s important to coordinate the type of rug with the rest of the bedroom decor. In an elegant bedroom, opt for a soft Persian rug. A flatweave rug in natural colors will pair well with a boho-style bedroom.

Shag Rugs Create A Cozy Environment

These rugs are often considered a staple during Fall and Winter months. They help reduce cold drafts on hardwood floors, and create a warm atmosphere that everyone will enjoy. To add warmth to your room, lay shag rugs beside the bed. You can also drape them over tables or chairs to enjoy a warm, inviting environment at the end of a long day.

High Pile Rugs

If shag rugs aren’t your style, consider picking up a high pile rug in their place. High pile rugs are made from a variety of bedroom rug materials and offer the same cozy feel that shag rugs create. You can find high pile rugs in gorgeous patterns and colors to create a bold bedroom. Monochromatic and modern bedroom rug designs are also available in high pile rugs.

Create A Modern Bedroom With Contrast

It’s common to keep bedroom walls neutral in a modern bedroom, but this can lead to a boring bedroom if everything else is neutral as well. Instead, keep the modern look by choosing a rug that is on the opposite end of the color wheel. Patterns in dark colors will stand out against a monochromatic color scheme, instantly creating a beautiful bedroom.

Add The Illusion Of More Space With Stripes

If you have a small bedroom, this brilliant bedroom flooring idea is perfect for you! Stripes are known for making things appear larger, including spaces. Opt for a large, striped rug and place it underneath the bed to make the bedroom appear larger. However, this only works when the rug is placed on the floor. Draping a striped rug over furniture can appear awkward.

Vintage Rugs Look Great On Hardwood Floors

The combination of barn style hardwood floors with vintage themed rugs is simply gorgeous. Homeowners that have a farmhouse theme will love the look of vintage, hand knotted rugs. These are soft on a cold hardwood floor, and they provide the perfect style to complement farmhouse decor.

Use Plain Rugs With Colored Walls And Floors

If you have a bright or dark color on your walls, such as a lavender bedroom, or a colored hardwood floor, adding a colored rug into the equation can be overstimulating. Instead, opt for a plain rug in a neutral color, such as a white shag rug. Another great option is a low pile rug in grey or black. Avoid patterns and designs with a lot of color in them.

Small Rugs Can Cover Various Imperfections

Dents on hardwood floors can be unsightly. Scratches on a dark hardwood floor are also unappealing. Instead of covering the entire floor with a large rug, consider using several smaller rugs throughout a large room to conceal imperfections on the floor.

Place Accent Rugs Under Floor Lamps

Select small accent rugs that are the same shape as the base of the floor lamp. Rugs should extend 3-6 inches beyond the base of the lamp. Then, carefully sit lamps on top of the rugs for a touch of modern decor.

Match The Color Of The Hardwood Floor

Instead of creating contrast with a different colored rug, which can seem like too much color, pick up a rug that matches your colored hardwood floor. This will create a beautiful aesthetic and help the entire room have mellow energy.

Jazz Up The Room With An Abstract Bedroom Rug

A monochrome bedroom is always in style, but it can create a boring atmosphere. Add some color and energy to the room with a beautiful abstract rug! Rugs with curvy lines and swirls will coordinate perfectly with a complementary styled room. Small rugs can be used to create a focal point in the room. Abstract rugs are so versatile that they work well with any decorating scheme.

Place Rugs Under Furniture

Furniture is known for scratching hardwood floors, but a rug can instantly protect your hardwood floor from both dents and scratches. Pick up a large area rug to place underneath the bed. Purchase smaller, coordinating rugs to be placed underneath chairs and tables.

Add To The Warm Of Brick Walls

Red brick walls instantly make a room feel cozy and warm. Add more warmth to the room by using complementary rugs in shades of red or brown. Neutral colors, such as tan, will also work well with a brick wall. Avoid colors with bright colors.

When selecting a pattern, opt for vintage or Persian rugs. Oriental rugs will usually coordinate well with this type of wall. They add a traditional feeling to the room that you will love.

Low Pile, Plain Rugs Work Well With Busy Walls

Busy walls, such as beadboard walls or those with a lot of wall decor, tend to overpower a room. A busy rug will often create too much energy. In these rooms, use small, plain rugs with a low pile to create balance.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, we have the perfect selection of bedroom rugs to create the sanctuary that you want. Check out our wide selection of rugs and order your new bedroom rug today!